20170623_203743He has been seen throughout the site! He has been admired by many! He’s charismatic, intelligent, gorgeous AND cuddly!

Having grown thus far to a perfectly proportionate 16 inches:

Weighing in at 8.99 ounces:


20171019_153018Murph is inquisitive, a real thinker!


He’s noble, rather majestic too…


He’s snuggly…


And always happy to see his family!

For obvious reasons…

“Give me lizardry or give me death!”♥


  1. Yes, Sir! It’s difficult to believe this was posted more than 4 years ago. This was about 30 years ago in lizard years, and it’s like that skin hasn’t aged a bit! : ) Your travel to the past is very much appreciated.

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  2. Thank you, from the depths of our hearts. I have thought them adorable since I was so small. As I’ve aged and learned who they are, I realized the masses do not know or understand them, or care to. The more I learn how they are neglected, even tortured, and dismissed as dumb, nonsentient beings, the more frequently I tell Murph he is a lizard with a purpose.: To charm the hell out of everybody so that lizards everywhere may have better lives (paraphrased)! On numerous occasions, he has been held and often kissed by people in his personal life who otherwise have never touched a lizard. He is so special. And, I can’t say, “Thanks” enough when we are told we are changing minds and hearts for the better towards lizards.

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