Come Tethered, Lizard

20180604_135448“I AM DRAGON. HEAR ME__!!!”

20180608_160925Adorably chill in a life of pamperdom

The event of being leashed like brother Dog is an unusual happening for Murph. This is new stuff, but he already associates his harness with outside time. It’s a bittersweet episode for him because he’s excited about going outside, likewise he is aware it’s a restraining oddity. Mostly, he is still as the harness is slipped over his head. I hold his tiny wrists between my thumb & forefinger to pull his arms through.  He’s such such a good boy! He is donning the harness/leash the Daddy person made for him and he loves the added freedom on the ground! Now the only thing I have to worry about is a hawk with balls enough to swoop him away as I hold the leash or contact with an undesired insect like a fatally toxic lightning bug. He never ran from me outside, but harnessing domesticated lizards (especially where it’s cold in the winter) is protecting them.


     I mentioned here of Murph’s intelligence, how he recognizes the back yard, realizes the journey outdoors is nearing finality, and so chooses to alter this future by scrambling toward any direction but homeward.

     The dog is the opposite. After a walk this one is ready to get indoors. Once inside, the most preferred activity of The Furry One is to stare at me, breathing AT me in every room as if he needs more….anything. He thinks he ranks above me in the pack. I’m the service human. 

This only happens to me:

     It was beautiful outside, so Dog, Murph & I rounded the corner after an extensive stroll in the heat. Murph is calm on my left shoulder & the dog is right & front, both leashes in my left hand, poo bags in my right. We (I) chose to pause here a moment in what is typically a peaceful & minimally active alley. We are in the alley at a tiny strip of grass. Lil’ Murph wants down. He is within his harness so I set him down and hold his leash.

      I was expecting a phone call, and am on the phone at this point. My feet are burning from the sun and I’m going to be there a moment. I slip my feet out of my shoes & position my piggies in the soft, cooler grass. I am holding 2 icky bags of poo because of The Furry Prince. Murph begins walking back toward the street. Dog is pulling me toward home. It’s like a twisted Dr. Seuss theme!! My shoes are off, My feet are hot, I have some poop I like to hold!

     This is when somebody chose to drive down the alley in a large vehicle. By the time I collected my lizard, my shoes & the poo bags I set down (with a phone at my skull), the Dog did a 180 behind me ‘clothes-lining’ me at the back of my knees, followed by 45 degree insertion of the alley directly at the intrusive vehicle! So I reel Dingus in as I grin with an “I’m sorry” wave to a person whom would not look at me!

     We were so out of the way had, say, a sedan drove there – but no, nope…had to be a huge something rather. Well, gave that person something unexpected to witness that day. Glad I could help. Ordinary is boring.

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee



Don’t Forget To Feed The Food

2018-05-19_01-15-23     Didn’t know lizard owners had to be insect care-takers did ya? Here’s the scoop on that: Lizards need protein and many, if not all normal people supply this in the form of live food. You’ll see why I state this later!  As such, it is humane to take live food out of their in-store containers and place them in, if you relate to my sense of logic, a transparent container with air ventilation (um, atop the lizard cage in front of the window) so they can see the world before they die. This may be stupid but I’m cool with it.

     To be more ridiculous, keep wormies supplied with the shredded cedar chip – looking stuff they came in because it’s their nature to burrow. Give crickets a hide to congregate within. Why not give ’em a good life before it’s gone? Wormies & crickets that lizards will eat need to be supplied with a little dish of water (a bottle cap-full will do). Do toss in rinsed produce in the form of grapes, leafy greens or whatever.

     Never give the critters what you wouldn’t give directly to your lizard (i.e. citrus is toxic to Beardies). What the critters consume your lizard will be consuming. Discard un-eaten food after a day & replace with fresh. Please see here as to why gut-loading the critters prior to being eaten is important. Plus, it’s not polite to let something starve to death.

     I need all to know Murph was only in that wee container up there for 30 seconds – long enough to eat 2 wormies (superworms from the pet store). The reason I placed him within the wormies’ abode is because I don’t like grabbing them with rubber tongs or anything to transfer to a dish, because despite their upcoming fate, I still don’t want to squeeze & hurt them. I don’t want to collect them with my fingers because, well, they grab my skin with their little legs as if they’re fighting to hold on & not be placed down as food. This breaks my heart.

     I feel like a murderer when I struggle to descend them & karma is extra uncool to me. I have my own views about life. An honesty about myself is that I happen to have an affinity for guns, martial arts, knives, swords, military vehicles, very much including fighter jets & all things bad-ass! However, I try with all my might to not kill innocent critters of any species. They’re all beautiful & should be allowed to live their lives, in my opinion. After all, it’s not a spider’s fault that it’s a spider, and it strives to survive. Who am I to decide it shouldn’t have it’s own life?

    Which, loops me back around to the wormies. So the ONLY reason Lil’ Murph is eating live food is because I am trying to entice him to eat like a normal lizard again! He typically gets his protein from some produce (sigh – now in the form of smoothies) and un-salted crushed nuts (sigh – now added to said smoothies). He decided to behave like a human infant & stop eating solid food by himself (My out-of-the-country trip really messed him up, I guess). However, everyone….he ate (by hand though) solid food 3x in 2 days (besides wormies)…. un-seasoned chicken and cantaloupe!! Maybe we’re getting closer to the goal. That being typed, he currently has had a pyramid of sliced bananas near his hungry self for an hour now. It remains un-tounged! 

When Lil’ Murph ate like a normal lizard:


It’s a bit blurry, but look at that adorable Dragon skull structure!!!

Lil’ Murph doesn’t have a normal Mommy. Why should he be a normal lizard? Meh, ordinary is often boring anyway.

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – ♥Dawn Renee