Did You Know Bearded Dragons Are Music Snobs?

20171031_144226My lizards, especially my precious Bearded Dragons have been exposed to a vast musical library…. they have heard the musical genius of Metallica, Muddy Waters, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Basil Poledouris (‘Conan the Barbarian’ and ‘Conan the Destroyer’ soundtrack composer), James Brown, Kajra Re, Edvard Grieg, Nina Hagen, Nicky Jam, Eminem, sprinkle in some Elvis gospel & Johnny Cash, and not Beethoven or Mozart have sparked intrigue. They’ve heard Radiohead, Motorhead, Robert Johnson, and The Turtles…. still, no interest….

….but, acoustic guitar strummed in the same room has enticed them to turn their heads and watch for the melodic vibratory emanation before them!!! I have not discovered a scientific explanation for this. They also love to perch atop electronics like power strips (from this electric cloud they’ve been quickly moved), remote controls, and keyboards, incase you didn’t know.20181107_085510

+++++\’     (Lil’ Murph just typed that, a personal touch by the Star himself) ♥

20171024_202919“Ooh, is that acoustic guitar I hear with my cutie ears?!”

20180604_182239“Mom, I am unfazed by Slayer, I am doing beauty rest now.”

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee ♥


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