My Dragon, my baby

20181028_102423When Bearded Dragons sleep, they do so deeply, but only when they are truly asleep in their beds for the night!! As a baby will awaken when lowered into the bed from an embrace, so did dear, departed Copper, a very sweet Bearded Dragon. Copper would snap into consciousness in mid-descent and claw at the air and your arm to return to the hug. Lil’ Murph does this occasionally. Once asleep (for real) one can trim a lizard’s claws as would be done for a human baby. If you have a calm lizard, this can be done while awake, but I prefer a safer at-rest method to reduce the chances of movement. Claw clipping does not need to happen unless it’s possible the claws will catch on something and cause injury to your friend, or if they are like cute tiny razor blades causing injury to you.20181021_224154 To do this, purchase a good pair of baby finger nail clippers. If they trim with too much a jagged result, try a different brand. Gently slide from beneath the blankie one cute limb and clip the claws. Repeat. Brush clippings to floor to be vacuumed. 🙂 Only clip the feet if you feel you should. Less clipping = less possible “I’ve clipped too much! Please be okay!!” moments.

You will see below the little bit of black claw. Do not clip into the fleshy portion where the black tip joins those lighter colors. This may cause bleeding and pain. If bleeding occurs, styptic powder contains a topical anesthetic to relieve pain and ferric subsulfate to stop bleeding and aid to prevent bacteria from entering the wound. Dip the claw in it or swab it on. It works for human’s cuts and furry animal claw clipping injuries also. Home remedies to coagulate blood at such an injury site include cornstarch; flour; baking soda; and a bar (not too softened) of soap. For these you need to gently get it into the wound and apply gentle pressure for a couple of moments the best you can. Of course, take your lizard to an exotic animal vet if you cannot stop the bleeding, but possibly another kind vet would be willing and able to fix it quickly.20181021_22474420181021_223709

Below is the clipped result. These claws are much less flesh-slicing now.  20181021_224106What a cute little hand!!!


“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” -Dawn Renee♥

How to be a Blogger

I think this is a good bit from a blog buddy because likes, follows, and comments can make our spent time feel rewarding if we choose blogging as a form of expression or purposeful if our goal is rooted in helping others, lizards included, of course….

Just One Take


First and foremost – you must write!

You can about everything and anything. A blog is your little slice of the world wide web to express whatever is within you that is ready and needs to come out. So use it – don’t abandon or abuse it. You can write about your family, pets, or food. You can write about that song you have stuck in your head or that weird dream you had last night. You can write haiku or free-form poetry. You can write a novel, a short story, or screenplay. Personally, I have written about all these things and more.

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Did You Know Bearded Dragons Are Music Snobs?

20171031_144226My lizards, especially my precious Bearded Dragons have been exposed to a vast musical library…. they have heard the musical genius of Metallica, Muddy Waters, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Basil Poledouris (‘Conan the Barbarian’ and ‘Conan the Destroyer’ soundtrack composer), James Brown, Kajra Re, Edvard Grieg, Nina Hagen, Nicky Jam, Eminem, sprinkle in some Elvis gospel & Johnny Cash, and not Beethoven or Mozart have sparked intrigue. They’ve heard Radiohead, Motorhead, Robert Johnson, and The Turtles…. still, no interest….

….but, acoustic guitar strummed in the same room has enticed them to turn their heads and watch for the melodic vibratory emanation before them!!! I have not discovered a scientific explanation for this. They also love to perch atop electronics like power strips (from this electric cloud they’ve been quickly moved), remote controls, and keyboards, incase you didn’t know.20181107_085510

+++++\’     (Lil’ Murph just typed that, a personal touch by the Star himself) ♥

20171024_202919“Ooh, is that acoustic guitar I hear with my cutie ears?!”

20180604_182239“Mom, I am unfazed by Slayer, I am doing beauty rest now.”

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee ♥