Adorable In Every Light

 Negative Murph:

“Hey, Mom… I am not wall decor. I don’t get you sometimes!”


Indigo Murph:20190128_182124“Are you fixing to grace another wall with my presence, Mom?!”


Murph by candle light (and blue, and purple, and green):20181031_150658“There’s something on the ceiling.”


Murph by sun light, up-lighting, and down-lighting:


Green light, red light:


Sepia Murph:


Moonlit Murph:20190120_184930.jpg


Polarized Murph:

Look at photo #4 here, see Lil’ Murph keeping his fingers elevated? He does this often, and with his toes too.


He looks great as a black Dragon too, doesn’t he?!

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee♥

Pets Mailed In A Box, Really?!

Call me old-fashioned, but I’d prefer to meet any being with whom I’m going to spend years of life. Have you ever met an animal and liked that one more than most, were you instant friends? Have you adopted an animal because you saw in it’s eyes that it was most desperate for love and care? I’ve seen a cage full of lizards, but felt a pull towards one single individual, even though I want to pamper them all. I’ve wanted to purchase old iguanas because I saw they were lonely and sad.

Reptile Brazil Iguana Nature Lizard Eyes Animal*photo courtesy of Max Pixel
frozen_iguana_mazxine_bentzel_twitterIguanas, cold-blooded lizards incapable of regulating their body temperatures when the weather turns abnormally cold, have been falling from trees in Florida.  (@mazxinebentzel / Twitter)       *I found this on The Star

Lizards need saving too! Too bad I can’t warm the wild ones! I could so cuddle that one, it’s too cold to fight me about it. He or she would warm up and realize how awesome hugs are!

I once encountered a trio of Beardie babies that I wanted to love. They were all up-front and center with their hands on the glass watching pet store activities like a tennis match was taking place! In unison there heads would look left, dart to the right, and back again!! Too much cute! I silently named them Larry, Moe, and Curly. It saddens me to know they were separated one day.

Anyway, I guess some folks don’t feel the way I do about meeting new pals before choosing to care for them, they have cute little strangers shipped to their door, as I learned, by stumbling upon this regarding too cute baby turtles:

Here’s the link:


 I am not trendy, I didn’t know this was a thing. I am not a fan of this. However, if animals don’t die during the confusing and stressful experience of getting mailed just after birth and get treated with love upon arriving to their destinations, I cannot complain.

Now, about that video, I mentioned in this post: Before Choosing A Lizard Friend…

… that it is best to not have a knee-jerk reaction to cuteness when you see a baby lizard, or any animal, for that matter. One should research the potential size, life expectancy, and care requirements before investing in an animal companion, as many adults know. So, I’m watching that ‘youtube’ video, and I see that tank in the background will be a fair size for only a short amount of time for young ones. I did some research. If the babies are indeed Red Eared Sliders, they will grow to approx. 12 inches (30.48 cm.) long. They can be expected to live more than 20 years, and even up towards 50 years with ideal care!!!! Let’s all hope the young man in that video will be a great turtle Daddy (and purchases 2 more tanks like the one already in the room)!!

So, if you were wondering, yes, our sweet lizard friends get flopped around in boxes too. In fact, so do infant foul, live scorpions, and a host of other lovelies! Check it out: https://pe.usps.com/text/pub52/pub52c5_008.htm

Murph is appalled and literally climbing the walls about this crazy news!!


“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee♥



Monday Murph Mirth 3

A bit about Murph-proofing a room: This is likened to child-proofing, but for a curious lizard.

    When I am about to spend time in a particular room of our home, for example, the kitchen, when I need to clean or rinse fruit and chop veggies, I block the kitchen exit so Lil’ Murph can explore and get exercise. When I am tending to matters on the computer, I shut a door and block another doorway.

Doing this involves a mental checklist:

  1. Have I Murph-proofed adequately? This means seeing there are no what-nots on the floor he may lick, block (with a picture frame or book, etc.) crevices he can wiggle into wherein I cannot retrieve him or where I would need to move large pieces of furniture (for fear of injuring him in the process) in order to get him.
  2. Scoop Murph up and out of his cage. Place his little bell under his chin poof and tie it loosely. This helps me to always have a general idea where he is. Where the jingling stops behind or beside me is where he has paused to ponder his next adventure!
  3. Keeping Murph in a room with me means keeping humans and brother Dog out. I tread lightly, I know he is walking around, I will not step on him or roll the chair onto him. I only trust myself with his safety at this time.                                           

Seems as though I have covered all the bases, correct? No chance of anything happening… right?

    Well, you see, when a lizard slowly climbs up the back side of a curtain, their bell does not jingle!  So here I sit at the computer, and I hear:  Scratch…  scratch, scrape scratch, scrape scratch… scratch… thud!!  My head raises in alert curiosity, followed by concern.

    I turn toward the afore mentioned ruckus. I have no visual on the Murphster!  I flee to the scene of the thud in question. Murph is A.W.O.L. I begin frantically, yet gently, scooting a box and my boots! I swayed aside an unusually heavy curtain and saw this attached to it:20181228_113655


20181228_113712“Murphy!!?! You’re… well, why on Earth… What were you… ? Awww come here!


20181228_113724He’s like, “You know what, I think I’m okay with this. I’ll just chill for a bit, thusly!”


20181228_113818“Why do you assume I was not happy in my new-found position? Stop scooting me out!”

He keeps me busy!

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee♥