Costa Rican Lizards And Murph

Friends Can Be Any Size, Color, Shape, OR Species. The lizards of Costa Rica apparently don’t know this. They wouldn’t let me hug them! In a 10-day span, I strolled past only a few lizards without attempting to touch one. I was ridiculous. Overwhelmed with the majestic cuteness I was like a kid in toy store wanting to touch everything.

“Just let me touch you, you’ll like being petted!”20180406_104838.jpg

I believe this beautiful beast is a Black Ctenosaur (Ctenosaura similis) Spanish Name: Iguana Negra, Gallina de Palo.

This little cutie was in our room, under the glass table topper of this wicker table (that is a pinky nail beside it). The whole table was taken out so the wee one could be placed in the grass. I would’ve been a guilt-ridden wreck if I stepped on him or her in the middle of the night.

20180407_183945.jpg20180407_081758The birds have big & funny personalities, as do the monkeys. The monkeys, their sounds, and footprints outside the door were cool, but I’m a lizard lover.

No, I’m not supposed to feed the lizards. Yes, I fed the lizards  (only local fruit they’d find around anyway)!!!20180413_113444.jpgThey still wouldn’t let me pet them.

We aptly named this fellow “Bully”. His mate was his backup. If he didn’t run others off, she did to make sure he was getting his share of the food. She was especially aggressive with the other females.

This squirrel was hilarious! Eventually, I barely saw it’s body, it was nearly entirely inside the fruit. Now back to my favorites:

20180414_115533.jpgBully returned for food. It was comically stated that he heard Snow White was in town.

This tree was wicked-looking beautiful. I think it’s a Spiky Pochete Tree. The lizards would be with it, but not cuddly me… what the _ _?20180407_18415220180407_192348The crabs on the beach were cute and funny with their little crab tracks. It made me think how Lil’ Murph would love to be on the sand with me. I was suffering from Murph withdrawal. He stopped eating solid food while I was away from him. His care-takers were concerned. One sweet soul drove 30 minutes to get to Murph multiple times to get him to eat, the details I will not elaborate upon at this time.

As you know, I still feed Murph a smoothie from a syringe. He never went back to solid food entirely. I’ve tried setting a medley, a feast before him, day after day. He will not touch it and is starving. So, sigh, I feed him the smoothie. Lizards suffer too when their human is gone!! They do love. I know this as a fact from my experience with multiple lizards in my life!

****My post here: I renounce my title!!!    will tell you about Murph on my days of departure, return, and in between!!

Together again

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee♥

“MURPH, Where Are You?!”

“Good idea, Mommy… this cloth helps to keep dust off your books AND me.”


“Murph, I knew you were behind the door because I heard your bell stop dinging there.”


20181215_104303“Yeah? Well, do not move me.”


“Did you find a comfy spot? You look adorable in that light.”


“Murph, do you like it there behind the filing cabinet and propped up under the pantry shelf?”        “Why, yes I do. Don’t move me!”


“Murphy, you have verticalized yourself upon nearly every wall in the room today! And do you want to let me get to that paint?”     “You’re not getting this paint. Yuck! Fumes Mom, no more fumes! Besides, it’s been said you’ve painted so many times that we’re losing square footage inside our home!”


“You’re on my junk pile, Murph. I need to sort through it please.”      “Fine, I love to lay on the water and dog food anyway.”


“I like the bag of dog food more than the dog.”


“You’re going to hang out in here while Mommy organizes the closet! No Murph, you can’t be in the closet.   (moments later….now where did he go?) “Aha! I found you. Your tail was showing!  “Now Murph, I heard you jingle up behind the paper shredder.”


What the _ _ _?  this is why I have to put a bell on you and close the doors! I turned my back for one minute and spent 3 minutes on my hands and knees searching for you! I took you from your cage to get exercise, you know?”


“Back to the pantry, I see. Aww, why are you holding up your little fingers?”


“Oh no you don’t,  off the power strip you go, Mr. Cutie!”        “Sigh”


“Murph, that’s one of my rock collections in there… okay, and a random exercise band… that you look so cute laying on. Fine, get comfortable.”


“Aha! I found your bottom half!! Are you serious right now?”




….Oh the many places he loves to be! Many of us could be more like Murph! He’s happy nearly everywhere. Sometimes, if he has decided to travel to a room we have not agreed to, he will give an angry puff of an exhale every time I lift him and turn him around. This is repeated until one of us wins. The victor is often Murph.

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death! – Dawn Renee♥

Monday Murph Mirth 4

“Murph!!! I bought something for you!”20190118_112223-e1552308698113.jpg“What did you bring me Mommy?”


“Here it is!!!”

20190118_112326“Aah!!!  I love it!!”


“I wrote your name with it’s sequins!”

“It feels scaly, but it’s cuddly and beautiful, just like you Murph!”     

“You love me a whole big pile, Mommy!”


20190119_072042“Indeed, I do… and, your chin poof is amazing with sparkles on it!!!”

“Who’s got cute chin poof!?!”


“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee♥