BATS AND WOLVES AND LIZARDS, OH MY!! I Never Would Have Imagined…

20150906_224044That an oh-so-cute bat would magically & mysteriously appear in the living room!

My attempts at capture & release were futile…  “Ah-ha… I’ll call Dad! He’s ‘old-school’ and he lived in the country with a farm for a spell during his youth, he’ll know what to do!!”

*ring, ring…  “Pick up, please pick up!!”


    “DAD… CUTE, LITTLE BAT IN HOUSE! I’VE DONE THIS AND I’VE DONE THAT, WHAT DO I DO?!” Dad’s response: “Well babe, you may just have to whack him.”    “What?!!  That is not an option!! Thanks anyway Dad, I love you, call you later!”

    So what happened: Easily an hour into sealing off doorways, running around the room with various items with hopes of trapping it, climbing on ALL the furniture, cussing in frustration and smiling about this strange experience, I hear a, “Tappety tap tap” at the back door. My son unexpectedly paid a visit!

“Oh I am so so so happy you came by!!! Hey, wanna help me with a little something?!”

I ushered him to the living room to reveal my muddled predicament!!!

He said, “What??!!” “How!!??”   I said, “I have no idea!!”

It took four hands and two minds to accomplish this feat in battery (ha-ha)!!!

  At the location where success was achieved, my savior son held the curtain stretched & out where the bat was clinging to the reverse side. I then reached around the wall-facing side of the drape and enclosed our winged visitor in a box & slid a thin, flat, something between little batty & the curtain, thus scraping and releasing his clawed grip from the fabric!

     HOORAY!! Savior son swung open the door! We’re elated, feeling successful in our mission here! Little batty and I step onto the front porch. I turned my head & uncovered it expecting it to fly like a bat out of hell!! He or she just layed in the box looking at me, it was scared and too exhausted to move!! I couldn’t let this opportunity pass, regardless of the consequence. I slowly reached down, and gently stroked it repeatedly as I spoke softly!!! IT WAS AMAZING!! IT WAS THE SOFTEST FUR I’VE EVER TOUCHED!! This sweet, helpless bat let me stroke it a number of times before flying away, seemingly no longer frightened!

*One might think encircling a bat with an empty clothes hamper would be a great bat trap… no, it’s not! It’s too large, you’re fingers will slip inside the vent holes, and there’s nothing conveniently laying around large enough to seal the open end.

I Never Would Have Imagined…

That I would cordially meet, have my toes kissed by, and hug a Timber wolf!!!  


I Never Would Have Imagined…


that I’d see a monkey outside the door and feed fruit to wild beauties in Costa Rica!

I Never Would Have Imagined…

That I’d have 2 loving, handsome, and talented sons, such amazing parents, and more! I Never Would Have Imagined… we’d have squirrel friends that climb the window and door trim to look inside, or tap at the door for food, that the birds recognize my vehicle and our faces as friends and food suppliers!

I Never Would Have Imagined…  that I’d love a lizard so intensely, that losing her, my Copper, would leave me feeling hopelessly empty, that I’d experience loving pets such as an iguana, fish, a crawdad, numerous cats & dogs, two robins: Tweety I and Tweety II, a pigeon, a rabbit, a cricket, and now a finicky dog and another Bearded Dragon (whom you all now know as Lil’ Murph!!), both with bizarre eating habits and incredible personalities!


“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee♥



Plan For The Future













For the mug:




“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee♥








‘ The Rebel _______ ‘ video

“I Have Preferences Too.

…and I can’t be more clear!! I do declare it is time to be outside…   ahh the great outdoors!!!!”

    Lizards may not have opinions (this is debatable), however, I put forth the proposition they have preferences. For example, there is one person Lil’ Murph does not like. He appears repulsed by this person’s entire vibe, unbeknowst to the person holding Murph for fun, Murph is peering back at me with a particular gaze and body language to match. It screams, “Save me, save me now, I am over this experience – want it gone.”

    Murph makes it known when he wants to lay on his hammock, be outside (as you see in the video), is hungry, wants to cuddle, etc.

    I apologize for the sound of winds in the audio and for my not being a fabulous video recording person, but, the goal wasn’t a perfect video, it was to share Murph with you. I’m aware the beads of his harness don’t match, I already had the thin cordage and these beads fit, so there we have it. He doesn’t mind. Maybe I’ll tinker with it later & also share a link in regards to making lizard harnesses.

    In this video, at 18 seconds in, Murph blinks – what a cute blinker he is! At 2:27 into it, he blinks. That’s 2 minutes & 9 seconds without blinking on a windy day – just an observation! 54 seconds into the video, he knows I caught up with him. He knows outside time is coming to a close for now. I mention that home is in the other direction. He looks toward home with his pupil.

    Home is good, but most displeasing at the moment! He’s being rebellious! I can admire that!   He knows it’s time, the pitiful darling. He’s absorbing all the outsideness he can, though Mommy here has impregnated the elation with grim realization that contentment must soon be met by simply gazing out the open window through the cage bars of safety.     “Aww… who’s a cute little rebel?”


“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee♥