Not Through The Looking Glass

double the love
“Is it broken, why do you keep these things around?”
"Murph, are you looking at 2 things at once, with one eye?"
Folks, is it just me, or is Murph looking in 2 different directions with one eye?

"Murph, you're eye is doing two things at once!You're so neat!"

“What the…
…is there more to this?”

It’s all right Lil’ Murph, I too, do not fully understand this place.

I’m glad we’re in it together, my friend.


“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee♥


  1. Verily, hence, the bell I place on him when he gets exercise time in a room I’m working within. Where the jingle stops, is the vicinity wherein I know he will be paused, pondering the next route to adventure or he will hug a wall or anything to rest vertically : ) Outside he usually wears his harness. On our walks, he’ll climb down my body to walk around, usually because he needs to poo. He has decided not to potty inside his enclosure. This is the opposite of potty-trained lizards! Sigh, he’s worth it.

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  2. I went! I could barely handle it… intense cuteness! It is just the wee-est angel!!! I told him, her, or they you sent me : ) I like finding new, good blogs. Thanks for sharing it. And thank you, thank you for thinking of us, friends! I didn’t realize they were THAT tiny as hatchlings.

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  3. Baby anythings are cute. I may be alone in this, but, I’ve even seen a tiny fly washing it’s wee eyeballs and squealed, “Aww…you are just the babiest little fly ever!” Maybe I have issues there, but they’re harmless : ) Again, it means a lot you thought of us over here.

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