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    Please help us give lizards a happy life. We cannot do this on our own.

   What’s happening at Lizardplanet is a highly-anticipated effort, an on-going support system for centers that care for lizards and no-kill shelters!!

     We are soon launching, what I hope will be a successful adventure to assist those caring for reptiles, providing them opportunities of adoption, healthcare, and happy days for the remainder of their lives!!!

This will be done through a simple ‘Paypal’ payment button provided on Lizardplanet.com

and/or an affiliate program, wherein a portion of profits from purchases made through this site in regards to lizard health will be sent to helpful organizations that are devoted to helping our little lizard friends!

     The number of those facilities assisted by us will be determined by the feedback we receive by you and how many we find that appear to truly use funds wisely and honestly.


Please view the 2 links below and see for yourself more reasons why they need us:

Link 1:


A little opinion about what you just read:

    People would be “up in arms” if these killers were yanking kittens out of trees while they slept to bash in their skulls! People would find a different solution to the cat over-population problem, even if it meant tree patrol operatives. Is it justifiable to choose a creature and say, “Okay folks, kill as many as you can, there’s plenty.”?    I know people have jobs to do, how so many willing participants can be recruited for this work is amazing in a sad way.

We may never have a global solution for iguanas and other reptiles, but what YOU and WE can do together may give good lives to those allowed to live!

Link 2:


Based on the story within the link directly above, this organization is highly considered for donations:

South Florida Wildlife Center

PLEASE ADD TO THE LIST IF YOU KNOW A PLACE WORTHY OF BEING CONSIDERED IN THIS CONCERTED EFFORT! Will you leave suggestions, comments, or links at the ‘Contact’ page or below in the ‘Comments’ section? Thank you!

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – ♥ Dawn Renee
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Do Lizards Get Bored?

“I’m bored. Bored. Bored”
“Did you say something?”
“What, Mommy?”
“We’re going outside to enjoy the lightning bugs? Hooray! Yes, I know, Mom… it’s detrimental for me if I eat one, I don’t want to anyway.”

Yes, folks, lizards do get bored. They also have moods and get depressed. I’ve seen it many times. One example of a depressed lizard is when I left the country for 2 weeks. Lil’ Murph nearly stopped eating and pooing altogether, he became lethargic, and worried his caretakers. Four people were seeing to his well-being & keeping logs, so they were all informed as to when Murph did what.

The reason for this was if too much time lapsed in persuading him to eat, or if he would not poo, causing a concern for impaction, these care-takers (or Murph-sitters) could ‘draw straws’ to determine who would call me with concerning news before contacting his exotic animal veterinarian. (*note: it isn’t strictly the consumption of substrate which may cause it.)

It took quite some time upon my arrival home for Murph to become his happy self again. Reptiles can and will love (in their own way) the humans that love them. They are far more intelligent than many people would assume due to not having witnessed the proof.

You too can see the proof pertaining to reptilian moods. Have you been to an awful pet store and actually looked into the eyes of some reptiles, frogs, snakes, or any being, just lying there?

If it’s not night time, when lizards would be sleepy, and if they are not in brumation, they should not look like that. They are in a prison with no love, no freedom, and no change of scenery.

That’s why it’s important to pluck them from their imprisonments to enjoy the warm sunlight with you, while diligently remaining their protector. This is good for their physical and mental well-being.

My lizards have been my companions as I do dishes and other chores. I make sure they do not stray far. I have placed them on a cushion at the opened, but screened window next to me while I toil  (I set a sturdy prop under windows for extra security – maybe I’m overly protective, but if a window gave way in it’s track, that would be horrible, awful).

Sometimes a creation with household items to contain them within an area larger than their cage can be constructed. This helps them to get exercise if the weather outside is too harsh. Such also protects them from going where they should not.

If a dangerous pet, children or clumsy adults are around, don’t let your scaly darlings out of their cages – for their safety. Some daily time with their families is important. It is however, vital to remember that they need a minimum of hours of exposure to special heating and lighting (an informative post about that) and/or proper exposure to the sun’s rays every day.

Change a bored lizard’s scenery:

Lil’ Murph (shown above) has an enclosure with a view. He watches birds at the feeder & cars drive by. When the weather is pleasant, the window is opened for him. The enclosure that is now his is not glass (he gets his heating & lighting needs – but more on that later) this allows for sun exposure or the enjoyment of a breeze.

Ever seen a cat or other creature’s intrigue about the room that has just been redecorated? You can… yes, I am about to throw it out there… redecorate your scaly friend’s place for them!!

Make sure, if she/he/they have any favorite items, such as a hammock, perch, blankie, or whatever, you leave them in there. Keep in mind the design possibilities, in that they are not too close or far from the heating and lighting sources.

Your lizard has preferences too, and you will both be aware what they are after a couple of days. Your lizard will appreciate the change, be visibly annoyed by it, or appear to accept it. : )

I cannot stress this enough. In regards to the moods of lizards, more explicitly depressed lizards in pet stores and the mills that supply the pet stores, please click on our post links below to watch these videos & know what’s really going on in the world. This is not common knowledge. The Cruelty To Reptiles and If We Love Animals, We Must Not Support The People Behind The Animal Mills.

People can adopt reptiles that need a family. It’s similar to visiting a humane society to find a furry friend. Just as we can give a good life to a cat or dog that is residing in a shelter (often for a short time before it’s euthanized), you can choose (won’t be easy) the special reptile(s) or other exotic animal(s) whose lives you will make better.

Internet search engines can be helpful in finding such facilities. Hopefully, there is a location near you. If assistance may be helpful, please contact Lizardplanet.com via the ‘Contact’ page.



“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” -♥Dawn Renee

Jingle All The Way

You’ll want to increase your volume to enjoy his jingle, then decrease it when he pauses because there’s baby-talk happening here… It’s private between Murph & myself.

Lil’ Murph was getting his smoothie treat, he likes to eat on the run. Yes, this is ridiculous. Yes, I must find a solution to the strictly smoothie diet he insists upon. Finally, no, this is not normal lizard behavior (it’s been like this since he got depressed from my leaving him for 2 weeks, I was at a beautiful beach without him).

This video has been paused & restarted within the recording process in my attempt to capture the best jingling episodes. This is what we have for now.

When I’m working around the house, cleaning or completing a project of some kind, Murph often gets to explore the room I’m in. I create somewhat of a large playpen so he can safely walk & climb for exercise by blocking certain entrances & nooks behind furniture.

We recently moved to a different home, so… I’m going to state: No, I don’t like brown on walls, especially not the interesting hues of, how do I put this, diarrhea, that was selected by the previous owners. I will not carry on about the poor craftsmanship found more often than not, or the expensive tile floor having been installed incorrectly. Only 1 – 3 projects can be done at a time, ya know. : )

However, Murph likes the new home now. It has ‘good bones’ & is located in a neat area. There’s neat spots in & around it & Lil’ Murph enjoys climbing up & sliding down the steps to the sunken entry.

Murph can think more clearly too since all that wallpaper with mauve flowers is no more!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the Murphness of this video.


“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” -♥Dawn Renee