What Went Wrong In Their Heads?

I pondered one day what, if any, ‘Youtube’ alternatives there may be. Was ‘Youtube’ somewhat like a monopoly or have the internet Gods simply smiled down upon this platform?

I stumbled upon ‘Twitch’. Therein I typed “Funny lizards” into the search bar to see what came up. The 1st and only video I viewed robbed me of my peace of mind & I’ve not been back but to locate the video again so as to give the title.

I was going to leave a comment. I didn’t want an account. I decided against commenting. Perhaps they that recorded the video will see my response after all.

The video is titled:  Operation Moon Lizard (funny)

It shows lizards that were caught and taped to plastic bottles. Explosives then launch the bottles with the lizards into the air. There are man giggles and comments about the feat they’re perfecting.

If the creator of the video stumbles upon this, here’s a reaction for you:

It isn’t funny. It’s cruel. It’s pathetic behavior of grown men or any human. What event(s) transpired within your existence that torturing another being brings such entertainment? Did lizards lose life or limb before the explosives ratio was perfect for this demented pastime?

Believe me when I state that there are people that love guns, many of whom are grown men, that would ‘take down’ a human shooting innocent people, they would protect their families, they’re ready, willing & able for the fight for what is right – they love the animals of the world, they do not hunt or even murder a fly in cold blood.

So you see, doing what you’ve done to these little things does not make you manly or cool. Your video doesn’t induce laughter, perhaps only for you & your camo clad posse in recollection of that evil, enjoyable sh** you did.

You’re in the military. I can respect that. You think you’re helping yourself, your family, or your country, or lives elsewhere. Okay. How about don’t waste taxpayer dollars on explosives for miniature torture devices.

I once parked in a parking lot, observing in the distance, I saw two dogs waiting patiently for their human. In time one jumped out, but roamed near the truck. The owner of the dogs exited the store. He walked to the dog that jumped out & picked it up. My guess is it weighed around 40 lbs. He then body slammed it onto it’s back into the bed of the truck!! He needed his jaw punched for that, right?!

I bet you’d agree. Why, because it’s bullsh** to body slam an innocent dog isn’t it? Where do you draw the line? Anything under 3 lbs is game for….  sick games?

I’m sure you get bored, need a mental & physical rest, & need to laugh. Why won’t you play ‘Kick the can’ (or bucket, or that stupid bottle without a lizard strapped to it)?  I see where you are. You have sand.  Grab a stick & play ‘Tic-tac-toe’,  ‘S.O.S’,  or  ‘Hangman’.  You can find something more productive to do. You and your uniformed brethren may acquire more views if you play ‘Hopscotch’.

This is what you could have in a lizard once you figure out how not to be:

It’s called: A FRIEND

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – ♥ Dawn Renee


  1. That is a grossly sickening video by the sounds of it.

    How one treats animals is a definite mark of one’s character.

    And one can see that there are a lot of people out there without character.


  2. Thank you, Jet! In this rare case, I spread ill feelings. That video angered me to the bones, to put it gently. I hope any younger viewers will see the absurdity in such behavior & know it’s noble & cool to stand up for helpless ones & do it.

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  3. RE the video on Twitch. Any person who would torture and/or kill a lizard or any living being is not only a poor excuse for a human being but they are pure evil!!!

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  4. I could not agree more. I have hope, someone, somewhere, one day, will plant the right seed in their heads, shine the light just right into their eyes, so that empathy will grow in their hearts for the precious creatures.


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