I must take a quick minute

…. to thank our loyal friends. You know who you are. In an instant you like and comment to Murph & me! I don’t know what you do for a living or how your spare time works or perhaps you have excellent time management skills, but thumbs up to you & your being so quick to support. You are appreciated, friends.


Monday Murph Mirth VI

The Mirth of today is a 38 second long video of the Bearded Dragon we know and love…

He’s been like this all day, folks!! He does not want to be caged. I tried to tell him he needs his lighting. He won’t hear it, he’s on the move and does not care about the technicalities. He must wear his bell when he spends time on the floor. It helps me to know where he is and I get to giggle when he jingles. I build walls (in a way) so he stays in the room where I am. However, he has learned how to knock down down one of the cardboard obstacles and does it every time I prop it up. Why? He wants to enter the dining room to do this! Smart boy. Stay tuned for Murph tearing down the wall.

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee


I Don't Want Diamonds

Why? Because… Lizards Are A Girl’s Best Friend click my link there to know one reason why.

I admit, I have given stuffed animals to my lizards. I discovered they appreciate something soft. This is how I found out. My son, placed a teddy bear in Copper’s cage and she laid on it instantly! Sometimes, Teddy needed to go in the washer & even get sewn. When Teddy was returned to her, she immediately hugged it in her reptilian way! It was a cute sight & interesting observance, especially for those whom assumed lizards as dumb, cold-blooded creatures. Copper is Murph’s predecessor in family membership, his sister, if you will. This is Copper:

Notice how orange and yellow she is. Her eyes appeared bluish, more often than not. However, sometimes they looked more a golden-copper colored. This girl had a loving heart, strong will and a spirit of determination! Despite her gimpy left arm, which made her more special, she was a Houdini!

That girl kept escaping her enclosure after repeated reinforcing. We’d come home to find her half vertical up the gap of the living room door, breathing the fresh air that seeped through the tiny crack. She got a lot of time outside, but apparently, not to her liking. I finally fixed the problem.

One thing that made her more content in her enclosure was “Teddy” It looked like Mr. Bean‘s Teddy & we said it the way Mr. Bean did so on his very funny shows… for fun.

So yeah, I love my lizards. They are family. I will protect them as I would any family member. So this Valentine’s Day, you who know Murph & me may wonder if I’m going to get Murph a card. You couldn’t put it past me. Perhaps some chocolate-covered crickets? Nah, money is more valuable than a card, even on a day people suggest we should buy cards.

There should be no chocolate for Murph & I. We eat healthy food. Him so more than I, though (why is bread, cheese & wine, pasta & beer so yummy?).

I want what matters most, mostly. Sure I want elegant furniture with wicked, neat decor, a stylish home with space – but not huge, & a couple dependable vehicles. I don’t have to have my dream of a Lamborghini & mint condition, American muscle car, such as the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS 396 (in matte black), or equivalent bad-a** beauty.

I definitely don’t want cards (I’m too sentimental & I don’t like clutter). I don’t want diamonds, I prefer a pretty rock found on a path. What I want is to have a good day & be near those whom I love, but that’s every day. It’s just another day.

“What’s up, Mom?”

“Oh… it’s kissy time. I love kissy time!”

“Now it’s cuddle time.”

There are many types of love
there are many levels of love
and many beings to love.

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” -Dawn Renee