What A Kiss Can Do

Lil’ Murph – pre-kiss

Just kissed Murph

Aww … Just look at that face!

He’s peeking, think he wants another
& another. He’s getting them regardless.

Yes, I kiss my lizards. Most of us kiss our animal children when we feel connected to them. It doesn’t matter the being. Some kiss their cats, dogs, birds, horses & more. My lizards are kept very clean, I just have to be careful not to impale my lip with a spike. No problem

I kiss Murph’s brother dog, but just on that cute spot where the fur meets the top of the nose. I still think the side of Murph’s face is possibly cleaner … and possibly cuter.

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee


  1. Murph is quite the romantic.

    I can see how impaling your lip with a spike might be a problem.

    I wonder if your lip ever got stuck to one of his spikes, what emergency room would you visit?

    A human hospital emergency room or a veterinary hospital emergency room?

    Whatever hospital emergency room you choose, I think it’s a safe bet that yours and Murph’s visit to that hospital emergency room will be talked about by the doctors and nurses on call that night for years to come.

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  2. Thank you, friend. I’m lucky to have him. He’s hilarious, loving & a true little rebel. Wish all lizards were given love & a chance to be known for the characters they possess.

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  3. Oh yes, yes he is. He is loving the love … until he’s feeling independent, wanting adventure. You know our Murph is rebellious until it is lovey/cuddle time. I’ve been stabbed mildly. It’s worth it. Hey, I’m all about giving people the unexpected. You’re right, E.R. rooms would have a “Hey, I didn’t anticipate that problem” episode.
    I wouldn’t mind our being a conversation piece, but a Lil’ rubbing alcohol and a cuss word later, I’ll be good to go without them. Tee hee.

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