My Dudes … Don’t Go Into The Grass!

I took Murph & his dog brother for a walk.

I don’t know what came over those two at the same exact time, but the both of them ran for the grass! I was led by two leashes pulled by convinced creatures that this is what they wanted to do!

One went due South, the other Southwest!

“Aww … C’mon you guys, get out. There could be snakes there. But, the dog is dumb & nearly deaf, he’s just full of love, though, and Murph, you all know him, he’s a stubborn sweetie!

I am going to do adjustments to Murph’s harness because that’s what prevented me from applying the brakes at full-force when they pulled me forward. Murph’s harness was slipping off his shoulders and I couldn’t lose track of his location based on that he was fueled forward at full-throttle!

I immediately reached into the grass with my forearms and disrupted the area so I’d take the bite, instead of Murph if there were a snake nearby. I scoured the area of Murph – no snakes. It was the tallest grass Lil’ Murph has ever been through, it was a precious moment. I snapped a few pics & grabbed him. I had to move grass all around to raise Murph. I then checked on the dog, when I saw what the dog looked like, it reminded me of a movie I watched called “Into The Tall Grass”. Strange stuff happened in there! It was cheesy, but worth watching (I guess).

If you look closely at the grass by the dog, you can see patches where the grass is flattened. It appears deer come to lay here at night time only, it is not shaded & would be too hot for comfort during the day.

When I take both of them on a walk, instead of only Murph, maybe the neighbors can see the dog from a distance and I don’t look like like a crazy lady talking to a string or grass while taking periodic sitting breaks at random places in the middle of the yard. I don’t care enough though, about what anyone thinks, I still have frequent alone time with Murph outside. It’s more peaceful for both of us!

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renée

If you or someone you know wants to rescue or already have a sweet lizard, but don’t know what to do next, please visit here & that will really help us as well if you order your reptile needs through this post:  Everything You Need To Have A Lizard. If you need an enclosure immediately, look here for an idea: Choosing A Home …. Nearly every reptile requires the sun’s light to survive. I encourage you to read here for ideas to keep your lizard healthy & happy. O:-) Hoping the very best to all our friends and the gorgeous creatures that depend on us.


  1. This was very lovely! I also find that spending time with animal friends is more enjoyable than spending time with most people. Yesterday I was going to work on a normal day with a normal mood. There a dog saw me coming and he greeted me so well that my entire mood was changed. So much Love!! Where do they get that? I didn’t even know the dog but just by looking at him happily rushing to me felt so good! That bond of a few seconds feels stronger and more lovely than my relationship with most humans!

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  2. Thanks Sarthak. They’re so pure! Odd you bring that up, because just today my Dad was speaking of the joy in his new kittens, how happy they are. We marveled at the subject because we realized the same peace & joy in so many animals. I told him that even when I’ve seen birds fighting, they sound so happy about it. : ) I think that wonderful dog saw your soul more than a human before him. I smile that you gave one another joy in passing. I love happy stories & the bond with animals that you speak of, I feel exactly the same.

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  3. Yes, the dog surely saw a soul more than a human form. It is a really wonderful thing. Animals don’t know how to lie, cheat or hate the other. They are always their true self, expressing what they feel! That’s probably why we can have a stronger bond with them. 🙂

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