Kissing the Moon

Lil’ Murp is all too familiar with positioning stunts such as these. I genuinely want him to see the beauty of the world, but it’s difficult to not share my love for nature & the moon & his Murphness, & not marry them into a post.

I have better photos of Murph & moon, but they are floating in the mass of photos somewhere.

Adding to that, we have photographic genius friends that could easily critique my simple phone photo captures, but they are so kind, they won’t do that. They have class, ya know. They will ‘like’ this & remain ‘hush hush’ … good folks.

Enjoy your moons. Enjoy our Lil’ Murph. Enjoy whatever it is that makes your soul smile. I have numerous, I tell ya, numerous photos & videos of private Murphisms … seriously, I can’t take another video yet again because my phone is full. No storage. Discipline. Need discipline. Help : )

I, we, but mostly me, need to live, just live without the damn phone. It captures, it documents, but it takes away from living in the moment as well. Good luck in that. I know I certainly need it.

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renée


  1. Yay! I’m happy we brighten your day! Thank you for that. He is our gorgeoues little guy, choosing photos is a difficult task – Whew!!
    I’m grateful to know every time that they are being enjoyed!

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