Lizards Have Favorites

Yes, it’s true! Many living beings, without exception, have favorite people, favorite places, favorite items … the list can go on.

Here is an example: You’re about to think I’m nuts … but I knew a butterfly this last summer, who had a favorite resting place on a certain Bell Pepper leaf upon the deck outside!! The favorite place use to be a post, but it was taken down due to pathetic craftmanship, so the butterfly decided she loved a certain leaf afterwards.

*Please pause judgement right here …

Ready?! Okay, read on as you were.

How do I know one butterfly from another?! I’m so glad you were wondering! Because this butterfly had wing edges that were tattered like the frayed ends of a long-displayed flag. The others of her species did not. My God, how many miles had this beauty flown?!

Same butterfly, same favorite resting place, same fluttering dance around my head nearly every day (without a doubt this behavior is a happy & playful greeting)!! She genuinely liked me, I’ve no doubt, and I adored her! I never imagined I would have a butterfly friend to watch for!!

One day, I named her Ella. I don’t know why … not at all … It just felt right. I miss her happy dance & hope she somehow survived the winter with tattered wings & comes back to me, or at least left her life peacefully & knew she made a lasting, beautiful impression on a friend. I knew our last day together … don’t know how. But, that particular day I got a few more photos.

our last day together

Murph & I sat within inches of her often. Don’t worry, Murph was down lower, just in case, and shows no interest for eating sweet Ellas, anyway.

I could share much about unexpected & sweet events with wild animals & birds, but that would be further distracting from the point.

Yes friends … I am here to tell you that every insect, every animal, every human, has a personality and preferences, as well as the capacity to understand love, or friendship, the intent behind a smile or soft voice, or at minimum, a non-threat!!

Lizards are very much full of personality & comprehension!!

If you have never borne witness to this, I blame a lack of multiple quiet, alone-times with a lizard. Add to that some observation, understanding, & compassion & you will begin to see it all!! This may not sound like a good time to most and that’s okay. To each his own, right?

I happen to like attending heavy metal concerts (or did, before we allowed that joy be taken away from us & future generations) as well as sitting in the sun with my quiet lizards making butterfly friends and such. So yeah, it takes all kinds of people to see the bliss of lizard parenthood. They remind us that within the primal beats we rock to or the hectic drumroll of life which we may resist, you CAN sit & chill!!

Maybe I learn in silence observation, much like a lizard, but who am I to know? I couldn’t articulate what I learn if you ask me … I suppose also much like a lizard.

Maybe ultimately, my peace-filled lizards only help me to live in the moment with them … and I am only appreciating it (& them), and not learning anything to speak of. Perhaps I am simply realizing, grasping the rarity of stillness in all it’s glory. Lizards help with that! They are the most peaceful, cuddle-loving friends I have ever known. It’s about experiences!!

More about favorite company

Lil’ Murph has 2 favorite people. One is a human brother & the other is me. He resists when his bro attempts to stop holding him and I swear there’s a sparkle in his eye when he knows his brother has arrived to visit!!

Brothers … so different & both with huge hearts!

Can you see it? He is gripping his brother. Murph misses him!

Murph likes other people too, or tolerates them, but entirely dislikes one particular person. I mean, to me, his body language speaks volumes!!

When that disliked person holds him, Murph turns to look at me and his body is poised for escape!!

I, after only a moment, rescue Murph from this unwanted embrace. He needs to get some sunlight with me, or he needs to eat, or something, you know.

I could blatantly say, “Hey man, Murph doesn’t like you, you shouldn’t pick him up again!” But, what’s that going to do?

Murph also does not like seeing human or dog strangers outside!! He hunkers down! He tenses, makes fists, and blackens his beard!!

*neat note: When birds of prey fly overhead, he knows to hide. He knows holding still won’t work, that they know the shape of him whether still or in motion. I remain, always, inches (some amount of cm) from him to protect him outdoors. He often scurries under my legs so as to not be seen by the large birds, & knows small birds are no threat. This knowledge must be in the DNA.

He does not like the neighbor’s tiny dog despite seeing her at least 20 times, yet, he likes his own dog brother who is maybe 10 times larger than she!

More about favorite items & places

As a child has favorite toys, so do dogs, so also do pet raccoons, so I have recently learned.

Well, lizards have favorite things too. It could be a perch, a certain chair in the living room, even a teddy bear they like to rest on.

It’s important to let them have these things. Lizards can & do get depressed, especially if their Mommy or Daddy is gone for days or if they are in their cage days in a row without attention or exercise! Who or what couldn’t get depressed living that way?!

Our blogger friend, Lee, as I recall the story, had an Iguana who had a favorite perch, but got too large for it. This sweet Iguana became so noticeable upset to his Dad, that the old (childhood/juvenile) perch had to be reinstalled into the enclosure!!

See, it’s not just my lizards, it’s all of them!! They love their things!

Personality quirks:

Murph loves to hang half off of things and loves the blanket I keep on the living room chair just for him, so he gets these experiences:
  • Behold, the dangling legs of cuteness!!
Murph reverses his body on furniture to dangle his lower extremities off of them!

Much love & personality in a tiny, scaly beauty!


If you want to help us show the world lizard love & care for Murph, please share us on your social media! Thank you!

*Update to our friends who know … Murph finally pooed!! Thanks for the support! We know you cared & want to know! Whew, it was … well, just know Murph had a bath & a floor & sink was bleached!!

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renée


  1. They absolutely have personalities! And yes, even though my little guy loves all of us (cuddling our necks and chins)…. we know he has a favourite person too….


  2. I love hearing how loved he is by all of you! Thank you for sharing this!
    It is neat how we learn to watch them as they watch us? They teach us & it does become so obvious whose energy they prefer!!

    Liked by 1 person

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