I Am Not A Poser

I am au naturale

Truly, a character. Lil’ Murph loves to be vertical & in strange positions, sometimes he slips … and then is totally cool with that. There will be no other Murph! He is just too cute … I can go on & on with photos! I’ll fake some discipline & stop here.

If you wish to add to the Murph fund, we have a donate button on the home page of lizardplanet.com. We also love the ‘likes’, love the comments, love the shares, & love to know you love Murph too. Thanks, everybody.

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renée


  1. Ritish, it is so good to hear from you. Thank you. It is true about greens, but it gets tricky. Iceberg lettuce is so frequently offered, but contains little nutritional value. Spinach is healthy, but such foods, high oxalate levels prevent proper calcium assimilation. Mustard greens & broccoli are good greens to offer. As for Aloe, I have no idea, & want to research that now : )

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  2. Alright,
    I asked it because I watched a random video where a person feeding their lizards greens especially Aloe Vera, and they all seemed so happy.
    But yes, you should do some research about it before giving.
    And say my Hello to Lil’Murph.


  3. He IS a gorgeous & special one! I’m grateful “You-Know-Who” chose this very lizard to be a pet that day. Thank you for relentlessly persuading me to take him home to receive more love & care. You may not realize this, but you made an indirect move years ago, that is helping others to see lizards in a whole new light today!
    You should see the kind comments wherein people have thanked us for changing their views about lizards.
    They see that lizards can be cute, smart, sweet creatures & not scary, pests or irrelevant beings in the world!!
    Murph is the inspiration to do this & it gives to me the opportunity to occasionally share Copper with the world, as I regrettably had not done so when she was alive. Thank you for commenting & supporting us. Hugs


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