Murph Has A Hoodie And Matching Pillow

Well, I removed the hoodie and placed him onto his Princely bed which contained the matching pillow… the verdict is still out on his acceptance level of said hoodie.

I’m thinking the pillow was too puffed up for comfort, but he is an easy-going soul… I think he’s making the most of it. Maybe he’s just being nice. “Oh yeah, this is great! Do I look comfortable?!”

“Thanks Murph, thanks for trying to like it.” He was by my side as I labored on it all. But, I’m not buying it. We all see that look!!

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renée


  1. A friend once told me that there is a special place in hell for everyone who dressed up their pets! The pets get to put outfits on the humans and watch them squirm and look silly for photographs before being released to their actual eternal reward. 😂


  2. I did. It was a no-sew job. I can sew, but I have a pile of clothes that require repairs… that explains how much I enjoy sewing. In a past post, l shared a link where a lady taught how to make a hoodie from a sock. I stumbled upon it again & bought for Murph a soft pair of socks with stripes & a sloth’s face on them. : )
    And, no I didn’t, I’m going to look at it now!

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  3. Thanks. Thanks. I’m thinking every color is ‘his color!’ I wish you could hug him in that thing, the cuddliness is amazing! Tell Geyrie not to panic, I don’t have her precise measurements.
    : )

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  4. Awww Geyri is asleep for the winter. Moves around sometimes and sometimes sticks her head out for 5 minutes, decides it’s still winter, and goes back under her safe hiding/sleeping spot.


  5. I know she is, she may stay that way indefinitely if she saw a sweater waiting for her. : ) That’s cute, “…decides it’s still winter, and goes back…” If she sees her shadow in the spring, let me know. Tee-hee

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  6. He gracefully sloped sideways off of it & simply stayed that way. : ) After more than 4 1/2 years, he never ceases to make me happy & smile, & charm me with his personality. I’m grateful that I have so many people who enjoy him with me (albeit from afar). Thanks, Ritish

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  7. I love your bonding with him. I’m sure he indeed has a charming personality.
    Even I’m far I can still sense it and thanks to you for sharing his anecdotes with us.


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