Camping Gear For The Lizard And Room Service For The Raccoon

🤔 Come again?!

Yeah, you read it right.

I bought this tent for 20-some odd dollars. It folds up (sort of) and fits into a zippered carrying case, and becomes about the size of a record (a 33, for those old enough to know, or who are retro appreciative).

Murph is 20 inches (50.8 cm) long. The base of this thing is approximately 26″W x 46″L. It is a flimsy piece, but I’ve no complaints. It does what is needed.

It’s purpose is actually two-fold, you’ll know why as you read on. In having a lizard, a raccoon, and a dog, I had to juggle when which of them could roam the house. Murph and his dog brother, Bandit, had a good relationship. They were together a lot. Despite the dog’s 40 lb. size, he was careful not to hurt his lizard brother.

I only had to watch he didn’t step on Murph after doing a poo because post-poo, Bandit would bounce around as if he were much lighter, downright airier, and I think he lost 2 IQ points every time he went! Not joking.

Bandit – some amount of IQ points remaining

Wherein the problems lie were when twice I saw Bandit with the ‘kill look’ as he watched the angelic fuzzball of a coon playing. I jumped up and stopped him before he lunged onto her. So, now I had to keep a dog from Gypsy, the raccoon.

Gypsy loved her new toy.

Problem 2: Now that Gypsy is no longer a bubbly sounding, sweet every second baby, she must be kept from Murph, for his safety. Gypsy now snarls at me often, and only me, when I enter her room, or walk by her… or breathe. Perhaps she wants ‘Queen of the House’ status, or is rebelling against her human Mama, as teens often do. But, sometimes she allows me to love her & kiss her nose. This is a joy in my life. She deserves a few Muddy Buddies when she graces me with the love she has in her heart.

Gypsy love

Murph gets what he wants most of the time, but it is Gypsy’s turn for exercise and house roaming during the evenings and nights. Murph is content within his enclosure, beneath his lights at this time.

Murph – getting what he wants. He doesn’t mind the beads that had to be used on the cordage for his home-made harness.

Murph, content within his enclosure
He’s so suave!

Bandit is no longer physically here, Lil’ Murph Has Lost A Brother, this alleviates some stress for Gypsy. In trying to make her feel more at home again in the living room and elsewhere, accommodations have been made.

When her den door is opened, a couple other doors are closed to keep her out of other rooms (she steals gum from my purse in the bedroom, snoops around in the small jewelry armoire’s doors & lower drawers, etc.). Isn’t that just like life? when some doors are opened, others become closed.

I had to install child locks on the treat drawer in the kitchen, as well as onto the cabinet doors beneath the sink. Oh, and on the “lazy susan” because she discovered that she could open it and use the two shelves as a ladder to get atop the counter. Smart booger.

Bigger Gypsy

I thought that tent could be a hide for her, to be more content in the living room. She needs to spend more time out of her room and out of her beloved bed. The girl needs exercise, she is gaining too much adorable weight!!

Very big Gypsy

She has entered the tent a few times within a week + a half, but only to eat and wash her food, as raccoons do (it’s precious). I cover the tent with a thin blanket to make her feel more hidden. I placed a food and water dish inside, as well as an old robe to lay on. Maybe in time she will like it.

Murph, however, loves the tent!! He, as you can see, is perfectly at peace being inside of it. He is smart, way smarter than anyone could presume. I believe he understands it protects him. Those hawks and vultures worry him like no other animal. He has walked into the tent (as I’ve been leaving it open and on the floor) voluntarily. The first time was to check it out. The other times, is because I brought him indoors and he wanted back out. Don’t believe me? Murph walks to a potty pad on the dining room floor to poo. I place a pad down when he walks around. I have multiple photos of multiple potty proofs. I’ll share next time. The boy is a smart one!

I have always been frugal. Being that this tent is a reasonable price for the needs at hand, I thought, “Hey… this thing not only has an opening wide enough for Gypsy’s big o’ butt… I can also place Murph inside of it so that he can be outside with me as I toil in the yard! More natural sun exposure is what he needs, and I can conserve his bulbs. I won’t stress his safety as much as I currently do with the other end of his harness leash wrapped around my finger or placed under my foot!!”

Big o’ butt

Not only is Murph now a more difficult target for the “Birds of Prey” above, the tent’s netting will not allow lightning bugs inside, which are toxic/deadly to Bearded Dragons!! This thing is awesome for small animals to be outside safely with their human parents!!

So yeah, folks, I highly recommend a tent for your wee furry, scaly, or even feathered ones. Of course, if the weather is hot, supply water and partial shade for an option to cool down.

Enjoy a few more photos below.:

If you could see the look in Murph’s eye right here, it is pitiful and adorable. I need to hold him because he is becoming very angry. He does not like this little dog. He only liked Bandit.
After 10 minutes around that dog on any given day, he blackens his beard, makes fists, and stiffens up while giving the stink eye. He has hissed at the dog twice! It also takes around 10 minutes away from the dog for him to recover and de-blacken. I didn’t know he could or would ever be so irritated!
Baby Gypsy was abandoned or orphaned. No siblings. Alone, a fighter, desperately seeking Mama in the unusually cold May 1st weather. I believe she was a week or two too young to have left her den. She was not frightened of humans. She was hungry, thirsty, and starved for love and touch. I made 14 calls to get a pro to help her. Regarding the few that returned my call, it was all the Covid bs preventing wildlife rehabilitators from helping. They didn’t have the help or needed donations to help any more animals. I would not let her back out to die. She couldn’t feed herself or fend off predators. Well, I fell in love, a couple weeks into an unexpected experience with a precious tiny coon, the cage went away, and she got her own room (her own den). I have met a surprising amount of people who have had raccoons. Their stories are all the same: The coons got mean, they had to let them go outside. No, you don’t get to do that. Find a rehabilitator to help them survive out there on their own. Gypsy got mean with me during mating season. I toughed it out. I love her. She stays a bit snooty with me, but she has a beautiful soul and will not experience banishment from her den here.
Gypsy use to follow me everywhere. She wouldn’t let me get 2 feet from her, she’d climb my leg making “bubbly” noises and crying. I was her Mama. It hurts that they are so cute. But, she hates it outside. She is curious about things, but every vehicle driving the road, and simply everything else frightens her. She tried to get back into every door of the house when I would walk her around. She’s a room service raccon.

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renée ♥️


  1. Thank you, Cindy. I never expected to experience a bond with a racoon. I wish you could see her somersault to lie on her back. She then looks at everyone upside down. I don’t know if that’s normal behavior, but it’s one of the cutest things. : )


  2. A compliment from you on photos means a lot. I do not have a camera such as yours, or expertise. Some are blurry, but still captured something.
    Ol’ George, beyond the grave, his wit still invades the meme world & just inserts itself into random blog posts.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Haha. Maybe I could begin charging admission.
    You may have been competing for your own toys. : ) Raccoons are not legal to own everywhere, and when they are, sometimes it is difficult to find a vet if you haven’t the proper permit, which basically means although it’s legal to have this or that, you paid your small fee, and so it’s extra alright to keep the animal. In regards to keeping them as a rehabilitator, there is required learning for their care and probable release, of course. Raccoons need personal attention daily to remain sweet as possible.


  4. Raccoons are legal where I live, but truthfully, legal or not, I’d be the one having to live with myself if I left her outside to suffer, starve, freeze, or get mauled & eaten alive by the coyotes or hawks. I see myself making the same choice regardless what the gov’t claims I can & cannot do. Laws are not just in every circumstance.


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