Do I Look Like I Care?

"Whatever is about to be done or spoken by you, I want no part in. I need my beauty rest." "Oh Murphy boy...  Do you wanna wakey up and sit on the patio?" "Oh, we're going outside you say?... I'm up, I'm up! Let us disregard that previous thought, shall we?!" "I knew you'd come… Continue reading Do I Look Like I Care?


Introducing MURPH LIVE!!! See His Video Debut Here!

***Warning: May be unsuitable to some viewers who cringe at exposure to baby talk. Mute your audio if this applies to you. There you have it, a facet of the lizard/human relationship. There's more to come! WE HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT!!!   "Give me Lizardry or give me Death!" - Dawn Renne♥

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My Lizard Ate A Bee! What Lizard Parents Need To Know:

Lightning Bugs (Fireflies) will kill your scaly sweety, and never let him or her eat rhubarb! Avocados are toxic to many creatures! Lettuce has nearly no nutrition! These are just a few important things to learn of. One sunny day, Copper (seen below) ate a bee! I never took my eyes off her. Instantly, a… Continue reading My Lizard Ate A Bee! What Lizard Parents Need To Know: