Help Us / Help Save Lizards

Dawn  & Lil’ Murph

Greetings Everyone,

We have an option to purchase fabulous items for lizards through our post “Everything You Need To Have A Lizard” and if you purchase the specific items that we worked hard to select, through this website alone, it will help us and help facilities that give lizards a second chance at life! Please read on.

Thank you so much for visiting us, for all your support & loving lizards with us, and for being our far away friends!

♥ We are donating a percentage of all purchases to facilities/no-kill shelters for reptiles. In “Following” us, you will receive occasional updates regarding what we’ve done collectively and precisely whom we’ve assisted.

♥ A portion will enter a savings account for Lil’ Murph. Ideally, I’d like this to get to & remain at or above $2,000 U.S. This will cover any vet bills and bulbs for his heat & lighting requirements, and I’m going to be open about this, when the dreadful day comes, that Death takes Murph from us all, I will have him cremated as was done with Copper, his Bearded Dragon sister.

♥ The remainder will pay for to remain operable and capable of showing the world that lizards, as well as the now world renowned Lil’ Murph are special beings too; for remaining a source of smiles for those already fond of lizards; and being the depository and distributor of financial assistance to multiple rescue centers and No-Kill shelters for lizards and reptiles.

♥ Miscellaneous expenses.


The places we help are facilities that save lizards’ lives and care for them, often for the rest of their days. There are highly trained veterinarians, the cost of food & clean water, gas & electric bills… I cannot imagine how costly it is for an animal care facility to operate. We’re going to help to keep them operational!

There are people in places making reptile adoption a possibility, giving beautiful creatures a chance to experience happiness and love! They should not have to worry that they must close their wonderful buildings for lack of funds. We’re going to help those buildings stay in existence to keep saving & keep helping!

The operators of such places should not worry they may be forced out of such a good cause. They shouldn’t be forced to do something different with their lives in order to support their families due to a lack of funds for a small pay increase. We’re going to keep them doing what they love – saving many lives of the helpless!

If helping us & helping our little lizard friends financially is not feasible, you can help in so many other ways too: Share a link, mention on your social media accounts, show friends, and ‘Follow’ us! We may not always be aware from whom the help is coming (unless you let us know), but I assure you, it is appreciated.

If you would like to suggest an organization which saves, cares for, or protects our reptile friends that is in need of financial support, please send that information to me via the ‘Contact’ page or leave a comment.

I will be happy to see what they’re all about & strongly consider them to be a recipient of support from all of us, together!

Sincerely – Thank You So Much

       from Dawn & Lil’ Murph at

& all the lizards whose lives we will make better

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – ♥Dawn Renee

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