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Do Lizards Get Bored?

“I’m bored. Bored. Bored”
“Did you say something?”
“What, Mommy?”
“We’re going outside to enjoy the lightning bugs? Hooray! Yes, I know, Mom… it’s detrimental for me if I eat one, I don’t want to anyway.”

Yes, folks, lizards do get bored. They also have moods and get depressed. I’ve seen it many times. One example of a depressed lizard is when I left the country for 2 weeks. Lil’ Murph nearly stopped eating and pooing altogether, he became lethargic, and worried his caretakers. Four people were seeing to his well-being & keeping logs, so they were all informed as to when Murph did what.

The reason for this was if too much time lapsed in persuading him to eat, or if he would not poo, causing a concern for impaction, these care-takers (or Murph-sitters) could ‘draw straws’ to determine who would call me with concerning news before contacting his exotic animal veterinarian. (*note: it isn’t strictly the consumption of substrate which may cause it.)

It took quite some time upon my arrival home for Murph to become his happy self again. Reptiles can and will love (in their own way) the humans that love them. They are far more intelligent than many people would assume due to not having witnessed the proof.

You too can see the proof pertaining to reptilian moods. Have you been to an awful pet store and actually looked into the eyes of some reptiles, frogs, snakes, or any being, just lying there?

If it’s not night time, when lizards would be sleepy, and if they are not in brumation, they should not look like that. They are in a prison with no love, no freedom, and no change of scenery.

That’s why it’s important to pluck them from their imprisonments to enjoy the warm sunlight with you, while diligently remaining their protector. This is good for their physical and mental well-being.

My lizards have been my companions as I do dishes and other chores. I make sure they do not stray far. I have placed them on a cushion at the opened, but screened window next to me while I toil  (I set a sturdy prop under windows for extra security – maybe I’m overly protective, but if a window gave way in it’s track, that would be horrible, awful).

Sometimes a creation with household items to contain them within an area larger than their cage can be constructed. This helps them to get exercise if the weather outside is too harsh. Such also protects them from going where they should not.

If a dangerous pet, children or clumsy adults are around, don’t let your scaly darlings out of their cages – for their safety. Some daily time with their families is important. It is however, vital to remember that they need a minimum of hours of exposure to special heating and lighting (an informative post about that) and/or proper exposure to the sun’s rays every day.

Change a bored lizard’s scenery:

Lil’ Murph (shown above) has an enclosure with a view. He watches birds at the feeder & cars drive by. When the weather is pleasant, the window is opened for him. The enclosure that is now his is not glass (he gets his heating & lighting needs – but more on that later) this allows for sun exposure or the enjoyment of a breeze.

Ever seen a cat or other creature’s intrigue about the room that has just been redecorated? You can… yes, I am about to throw it out there… redecorate your scaly friend’s place for them!!

Make sure, if she/he/they have any favorite items, such as a hammock, perch, blankie, or whatever, you leave them in there. Keep in mind the design possibilities, in that they are not too close or far from the heating and lighting sources.

Your lizard has preferences too, and you will both be aware what they are after a couple of days. Your lizard will appreciate the change, be visibly annoyed by it, or appear to accept it. : )

I cannot stress this enough. In regards to the moods of lizards, more explicitly depressed lizards in pet stores and the mills that supply the pet stores, please click on our post links below to watch these videos & know what’s really going on in the world. This is not common knowledge. The Cruelty To Reptiles and If We Love Animals, We Must Not Support The People Behind The Animal Mills.

People can adopt reptiles that need a family. It’s similar to visiting a humane society to find a furry friend. Just as we can give a good life to a cat or dog that is residing in a shelter (often for a short time before it’s euthanized), you can choose (won’t be easy) the special reptile(s) or other exotic animal(s) whose lives you will make better.

Internet search engines can be helpful in finding such facilities. Hopefully, there is a location near you. If assistance may be helpful, please contact via the ‘Contact’ page.



“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” -♥Dawn Renee
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This Is Serious Appreciation For Reptiles

“Touring The Most Amazing Reptile Room In The World”

This place is amazing!

I am blown away from the level of manual labor this achievement must have entailed

and further stupefied by the extent of detail executed by this man in it’s design!!!

20180604_135448Murph also is amazed! Look at him, just in awe, I hope he’s not forming expectations!


As always, it is my hope, the links posted that correlate to the videos shared on, will be visited directly, so those responsible for the creations of the videos acquire the views, likes, comments, and subscriptions that are well deserved.

To the video above:


“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – ♥ Dawn Renee



A Substrate Alternative For The Pampered Lizard

20170928_140420Lil Murph and his predecessors do not and did not have the typical (yawn) lizard-life!                                                                                                            I am convinced all animals (humans included) appreciate something soft in their lives. Lizards bring out the squealing little girl in me! Like a young girl’s happy place when she’s playing dress-up with her kitten, I experience this when I’m on the hunt for blankie-quality scraps of cloth (as discussed in a previous post), AND as I …um…re-decorate the enclosure for a revived atmosphere, AND as I prep my lizards for special-occasion photo shoots!!!! Especially the latter! Yes, this happens at my house!! -A rare time my lizards are disgusted with me – but I redeem myself! I shall share with you these photo shoots later and hope they make you smile.

I stated that I’d tell you what I use in lieu of substrate, that you may laugh at me…   Here goes:

My lizards have their own sheet collection!! We have animal print; happy spring shades in pastels; and flannel for winter, a “Frosty the Snowman” theme.

Said sheets and corresponding blankies are kept separate from the household collection. My lizards have always had their own dirty laundry hamper (box) and dresser (bigger elaborate box) with separators. Within these compartments are back-up squishy pillows, blankies (folded with girl-ish glee), newspaper for the poo place, and the flat sheets (folded with less girl-ish glee because they take longer to fold).

When it’s time to apply clean bedding rather than substrate, my system is as follows:

1) Mushy food (i.e. bananas or grapes) and calcium powder scattered about to an icky degree or poo-place target not hit perfectly = a bedding change.                            Everything out (although his hammock is usually fine). Roll up the icky and nestle within ‘hamper’.                                                                                                                                Murph goes atop the cage to look out the window or in a play pen, if you will. This temporary imprisonment of strategic design is an architecture of  pillows, books and art stacked and situated so as to retain him somewhat idly on the living room floor! If he’s in a ridiculously mobile mood, for his safety he must be placed in a tall-walled box (with a blankie) until I can return him to his cage. I usually don’t have a baby sitter for this labor.

2) Any rocks, branches or dishes get washed or bleached and rinsed appropriately if needed. Let them air dry on an old towel or something.

3) Gleefully select new sheet! Gleefully select color of pillow! For this item, we have options of orange, royal blue and black! Murph likes the layout of his cage so I usually only alter aesthetics.

 4) Return clean accessories and Murph.

Murph’s laundry is washed when there is enough for a medium-sized load. I pour  maybe a couple of cups of bleach into washer as it fills with water. When full I add bedding. I havn’t a newfangled washer so I do it this way to not fade the bedding.20170819_190953 Bedding in lieu of substrate: it may not be perfect for lizards and will not work for everyone but it is my way, and Murph is happy with it.20170818_183330This mirror adds an open-ness to Murph’s enclosure. This mirror belonged to his sister(?) Copper, whom he never met. My lizards need to see how beautiful they are. He hasn’t quite figured it out….Often he’ll attempt to eat the food he sees in the mirror!!! THAT does not cease to be adorable!!20171018_200254

***It is important to keep something slightly rough in a cage like a branch or rocks because first of all, lizards like to climb (a lizard is still a lizard despite any acquired behavioral attributes of a human baby they may possess from extreme pampering) and secondly, they like to rub against them to relieve an itch and aid in shedding skin.

I know Murph is happy with his cage. He lets me know, like when I attempted to give Murph’s smart mind an observance to ponder! Here he is considering the intrusion of a waterfall, eventually displaying a disdain for the space-taking object by peering out at me with the look in his eyeball that conveyed he will have an attitude if I continue to allow such an annoyance to disrupt the Zen waves of his domain!20171026_182630

“Give me lizardry or give me death!”                  -Dawn Renee