What People Are Saying…

It has been a goal for quite some time to post some of the comments we’ve received.

“Murph, what do you think about all the support we get?!”
“It’s awesome, and people send their love and extra hugs and kisses for me!”

What follows falls short of all we have. We’re sure to have missed someone or something along the way. This was more time-consuming than expected, making us more and more appreciative as we continued. This is how awesome our friends are… that the kindness is too much to keep track of!!

Not wanting to admit it, it’s been so long since deciding to do this, that some of these are years old. They may be found within the comment sections on this site, as well as in others’ previous posts. Unfortunately, none as of yet are found from our non-blogger email subscribers. Some of the comments below are from the same individuals. It was difficult to choose just one, obviously. So, we chose not to. I wish all the kind words from everyone were here, but we had to create a stopping point. If anyone objects to their comments made doubly public (is that really a thing?), click here.

We went considerably far to dust off the archives and pluck out favorite comments from just some of the kind people who visit here.

Such a special group of online friends and email subscribers have we, that friends just check in on us from time to time and wish to know Murph is alright. There are actually requests to hug and kiss Murph on their behalf, and he gets every one!! I tell him who it’s from (because why the hell not?). Murph loves hugs and kisses!

We have received countless likes and comments that have brought smiles and nearly tears. We have received donations too (entirely unexpected & gratefully accepted)!! Anita, yours was the most recent, and just thank you so much (If you see this, know we can’t comment on your posts for some reason. The last attempt was to your post featuring Fred Sanford. Love that character & what you wrote)!

We didn’t expect this level of caring would grow from strangers when we began Lizardplanet.com in 2017. Thanks, everyone.

“Is this kiss from you or someone else?”
“Let’s give friends a shout out!”

*Jet has supported us for years. She loves lizards and all the animals. Just when I thought I’d seen every animal or knew a decent amount about many of them, I am pleasantly proven wrong every time we visit her site.

*From My Anasa (for reasons unknown, 1/2 that image chopped off. I could blame myself, but I’m not gonna). My Anasa also stated no reptile exceeding 3 meters will be friended. So, that means Murph is cool.

*Of all the beautiful lizards and lizard stars out there on Youtube, Tiktok, Pinterest, and more, love that Murph is your favorite. He’s mine as well. 🙂

*We have such fun back & forths! Cindy’s always pointing out flaws in my grand schemes of petting animals that maybe don’t want it. She is hilariously discouraging. She cares for Murph from afar. Years ago, we had a certain political-type debate, we have different views. Then she “Followed” us!! Right on, because people can agree to disagree and still be pals. So, we “Followed” her, and I’m so glad we know each other. Wonder if she remembers that or the subject of controversy.

*Gigi may hold the record for the reason Murph receives the most hugs and kisses from someone other than myself. Love that Van Gogh was treated and loved as family, as all animals should be. It brings joy to know when lizards have love-filled lives.

*Sure, this is sweet, but this had to be shared because not only did we not expect words in such sequence, nobody expects to read that. Cindy herself probably could not have foreseen ever typing it. 😁 This is a head-scratcher if you didn’t see that post of ours.

*Hooray!! Thank you, kind Sir. With a grateful heart we’ll add another check to our success rate (as per our mission, as you will recall: ) See what you’ve been missing? Tee-hee

*Feeling like we know those furry angels and the family. Sometimes personalities shine through photos and words. Those kitty faces and the way they lounge speaks volumes to their unique personalities. Every photo of them is a gem.

*An excerpt of a comment also from Timothy – even his wife is concerned for Murph!! Thank you, Laurie. We know a bit of your scaly family members through the years and your family’s love and sacrifices for them and for their quality of lives. That you are hoping for Murph’s well-being is not only wonderfully surprising, but it means a great deal to us.

*Moni is an awesome Murph appreciator from very far away. She is the wonderful mother of Tom, a very special dog, and gives us amazing support and friendship online! Sarthak2700 had nominated us for an award years ago. Within his post where he mentioned his nominees, the reason he had stated for choosing us brought tears. We chose not to complete the requirements expected of nominees (as we have done in other nominations for undisclosed reasons, despite feeling honored), for that, please accept our apology, and our sincere “Thank you” for the amazing words you typed when you selected us.

*Just love it!! And from a “dog person,” a wonderful dog dad at that! Somewhere (in the past, on his site or ours) he said he has thought of us/Murph when he sees lizards elsewhere now, his view of them has changed. Thank you, Wayne. Thank you so much. Clearly this comment hit the heart.

*Few who have truly gotten to know Murph (as good as online will allow) see him. Yes indeed, Murph knows I would not do this without reason (administer meds). Murph gets read to him many, many comments, including all specifically to him (because why the hell not?). We all speak to our animals, so reading to them isn’t a whole lot different. When he is addressed to, as an equal creature in the world, I think it very cool. How many animal friends get that level of care/respect? Speaking of nobody expecting to read something… each sentence in Christopher’s stories and poems is as unexpected as the one which proceeds it. Ordinary is boring, and Murph was actually a character in a neat and unexpected tale!

*With the blogging, editing, the traveling to faraway lands, and (seemingly) photo organizing of massive proportions, how Maggie finds time to read and comment on others’ sites is beyond my skill of time utilization.

*Sarasin has so much love for lizards, and she has friends that care for homeless ones. Her awesome motherhood to them brings a lot of joy. Geyri, the Uromastyx and Chuckie, the Chuckwalla are so happy and appreciated, it shows on their cute, little faces, and possibly glows from the cute, tiny windows to their souls.

*For the record, J’s technology gadget did to her what they sometimes do best, insert something where it shouldn’t. She attempted to edit it, but once we tap “send,” it’s out there. I told her if she saw some of what I’ve typed (& sadly sent), she’d either laugh or hug me in pity. Please don’t be mad, J. You made it public first, and what you stated means so much! 💚

*Always a good vibe, years of good vibes! Thank you, friend. She genuinely wants Murph happy and healthy, and she is such a love-filled animal mom and person.

*Roger tells us when he passes something along to another dragon mother. This is appreciated because if we mention something related to care that possibly someone didn’t know already, this in turn may improve a sweet lizard’s life (we all learn from each other). We don’t know all the lizard stuff, we just share what is found, and appreciate knowing he has faith in what we say. He is wonderful to the sweet Bearded Dragon in his life named Sunshine.

*Rebecca once shared with us and her readers, that because of Murph (I suppose due to his beautiful scales and personal charm – giggle), she was more comfortable to pet a large snake for the first time and was amazed at how it felt. She also linked to our site in that post. Still appreciate that, Rebecca.

*Jas, we hope you and the family are well way over yonder way. Thank you for years of kind words.

*Thanks, Tas. He’s a unique character. I won’t tell him you called him a poser: ).



*Not only is there a variety of subject matter at Balladeer’s site, from forgotten movies to shedding light on political people (no party is immune to this light should it need shined, Amen), but the amount of compiled knowledge is impressive, with appreciated humor sprinkled therein. Also, who I refer to as Mini-Slash resides there, making an occasional, pop-up cameo appearance. You’ll know when you see him.

*I hope whatever is true of what happens when we expire here as we know it, that you two recognize and are united in the love again. Somehow (despite my “I could have done more, I should have been more.” beliefs), I can hear him saying (in his loving, strong, and reassuring way), “You did the best you could under the circumstances, Babe.” Thank you, Maggie.

And just for fun…

*Thank you for the advice, pal. 👍

*A final note: Nearly every blogger mentioned has admirable photos they share on their sites, be they vintage or antique classics, awesome memes, fitting photos found online, or beautiful and creative images they captured… etc. Those containing few to no photos, well, their words paint them.

Again, obviously, some bloggers are seen multiple times, some people just keep typing awesome stuff at us and these just happened to be found! For convenience, if you see your comment(s) and want out, click here. Just type your profile name, that’s it, and this will be changed. Thank you for reading.

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