Lizards Are A Girl’s Best Friend!

      When my Mom died in June, 2017, I lost a piece of myself. I lost my friend. I lost something that felt was going to last forever, and it seemed fair that it should. I've not mourned in the way that reflects this new void for a number of reasons, one is that I… Continue reading Lizards Are A Girl’s Best Friend!

Come Tethered, Lizard

"I AM DRAGON. HEAR ME__!!!" Adorably chill in a life of pamperdom The event of being leashed like brother Dog is an unusual happening for Murph. This is new stuff, but he already associates his harness with outside time. It's a bittersweet episode for him because he's excited about going outside, likewise he is aware… Continue reading Come Tethered, Lizard

Don’t Forget To Feed The Food

     Didn't know lizard owners had to be insect care-takers did ya? Here's the scoop on that: Lizards need protein and many, if not all normal people supply this in the form of live food. You'll see why I state this later!  As such, it is humane to take live food out of their in-store… Continue reading Don’t Forget To Feed The Food

Aah…The Comforts Of Home

"First, we have the Mommy person's embrace!"   "Next, we have bizarro places. I was happiest here when I sandwiched myself upon this with the fuzzy top BEFORE it was slid out from under that metal thingy....and BEFORE Mommy bonked my head on it to get this nonsensical photo!"   "Oh I love being vertical!!!… Continue reading Aah…The Comforts Of Home