Magic Mirror On The Wall…..

20180806_184919 - Copy20180805_17280720180805_172418Who is the cutest one of all?

…with fruit and veggie smoothie on his lippies…

…this guy, whom ran toward and smacked into the grand mirror with an adorable smoothie-covered thud.

*If you didn’t know, thuds CAN be quite a cute noise. Also, this level of cute morphs [or Murph’s] lips into lippies. I do invent my own words. They make perfect sense. Also, I’m just going to add for fun, that Murph inadvertently forces me make stupid noises. Sometimes I scoop him up from here or there and this bizarre noise happens. I’d look around but dang it, I know it was me! Oh, these alien sounds have characteristics of speech in that syllables seem to exist, but maybe it sounds more squeaky, possibly a fairy with gas.   

To my own defense, he always, always is doing cute things. Or (as seen below) maybe he’s just looking at me with his skin folds all prominet and play-withable upon his chest…that oh-so-cute wittle chest. How on Earth something spikey can be so kissable and cuddly is amazing. It, however, is not surprising to me because I know lizards, and we naturally mold together easily!

20180709_183243 - CopyDid the Queen of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” ask the Slave of the Mirror this: “Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?” or “Magick Mirror…”?  Well, if you’re not familiar with the Mandela Effect, you may find an interest in this link.

20180812_163155Hello Beautiful!20180812_163252“Mommy, what is this place?”  

“Perhaps one day I could say, sweet Lil’ Murph, but in a reality, you in your silent observations may know of some things better than I.”

20180810_173723“Hmm..peering upon oddities called mirrors appear to give to me more pillows!”20180603_154639‘Seeing double’ can be a good thing20180812_163717“Mommy I see you back there. I extra see you!”

20180612_104330“What do you think about that?”

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” -Dawn Renee ♥

I’ll Be Kissing Lizard Tale

resized952018080895124807Yep, he’s already pissed!

I left the state. I didn’t tell Murph, I kissed him a bunch, had him in my car with me, I woke him early to hang out with me while I did make-up and dishes. Yeah, he knew something was up. The photo above was sent by one of his care-takers – Day 1. “Where’s my Mommy?” When I’m home & Murph’s life is balanced with me + activity + baby talk, he is content and peers out his window when he’s in his abode. That he is facing in such a way to see the living room from his cage door…. Uh oh!    This is how Murph should look:20180724_192644Those of you who know Lil’ Murph are aware of his despair when I am away…and the lingering side effects of Mom absenteeism. I returned to our country in April after being away 14 days….he still requires hand-feedings. It took weeks of cuddles & outside time together to get him cheery & pooing with any decent frequency. I’m no pro, but I think this is not normal lizard behavior. I am not a normal human, reckon we’re a matching pair. My last sweet lizard girl also required hand feeding. Do they love me a whole bunch? Does food taste better from family hands? Sigh20180724_192659A normal person may say, “Aww, that extra chin skin is a little cute. Maybe, um, possibly. It could happen. I however, tell it to Murph thusly, “Him’s got the cutest chin poof, Yes him does!” spoken through a pucker because my instinct is to smooch the poof. Pleases don’t judge me.

20180808_150632….and the answer to the question in this photo: I’m partially home with my Murph, stressing the following: He’s not getting adequate cuddles or kisses he needs to strive (“Will you give my lizard kisses?” is not a commonly executed favor). Is he receiving care to the extent of pamperdom…and Oh my, is he mad? Sad? How long will be the redeeming of my absence of a few days? I’m soorrry! I’d take you with me if I could. I spoke to Murph via speaker phone.     Oh yes, I did that.20180810_164825“Yippy, I have Mommy again & she has me!”20180810_164953“After lunch and lovin’ Mommy filled my water dish. I don’t drink from it because I get the water I need from smoothies. Rather, this is what I do with my water.”20180810_18295420180810_173558Murph, you’re wicking water.

20180810_1830363 hours & 4 different water-enjoyment poses later, the water had eventually wicked out. It is time for dinner.20180810_170325Yeah, that’s his bib and smoothie syringe to the side. He knows what time it is when i place his cloths under his chin to catch excess smoothie.20180810_170459AAh, Mommy + full belly = contentment.    So happy together

20180810_183116 With my cute wittle toungue, toofers & lippies, I bid thee farewell


“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee♥

I Am The Lizard King.

20180802_203123I Can Do Lizard Things.



Anyone that ‘gets it’ please leave the band name in the comments  ♥


“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” -Dawn Renee