“MURPH, Where Are You?!”

“Good idea, Mommy… this cloth helps to keep dust off your books AND me.”


“Murph, I knew you were behind the door because I heard your bell stop dinging there.”


20181215_104303“Yeah? Well, do not move me.”


“Did you find a comfy spot? You look adorable in that light.”


“Murph, do you like it there behind the filing cabinet and propped up under the pantry shelf?”        “Why, yes I do. Don’t move me!”


“Murphy, you have verticalized yourself upon nearly every wall in the room today! And do you want to let me get to that paint?”     “You’re not getting this paint. Yuck! Fumes Mom, no more fumes! Besides, it’s been said you’ve painted so many times that we’re losing square footage inside our home!”


“You’re on my junk pile, Murph. I need to sort through it please.”      “Fine, I love to lay on the water and dog food anyway.”


“I like the bag of dog food more than the dog.”


“You’re going to hang out in here while Mommy organizes the closet! No Murph, you can’t be in the closet.   (moments later….now where did he go?) “Aha! I found you. Your tail was showing!  “Now Murph, I heard you jingle up behind the paper shredder.”


What the _ _ _?  this is why I have to put a bell on you and close the doors! I turned my back for one minute and spent 3 minutes on my hands and knees searching for you! I took you from your cage to get exercise, you know?”


“Back to the pantry, I see. Aww, why are you holding up your little fingers?”


“Oh no you don’t,  off the power strip you go, Mr. Cutie!”        “Sigh”


“Murph, that’s one of my rock collections in there… okay, and a random exercise band… that you look so cute laying on. Fine, get comfortable.”


“Aha! I found your bottom half!! Are you serious right now?”




….Oh the many places he loves to be! Many of us could be more like Murph! He’s happy nearly everywhere. Sometimes, if he has decided to travel to a room we have not agreed to, he will give an angry puff of an exhale every time I lift him and turn him around. This is repeated until one of us wins. The victor is often Murph.

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death! – Dawn Renee♥

Monday Murph Mirth 4

“Murph!!! I bought something for you!”20190118_112223-e1552308698113.jpg“What did you bring me Mommy?”


“Here it is!!!”

20190118_112326“Aah!!!  I love it!!”


“I wrote your name with it’s sequins!”

“It feels scaly, but it’s cuddly and beautiful, just like you Murph!”     

“You love me a whole big pile, Mommy!”


20190119_072042“Indeed, I do… and, your chin poof is amazing with sparkles on it!!!”

“Who’s got cute chin poof!?!”


“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee♥

You Marry Me, You Marry My Lizard

The video below is a beautiful example of love between humans and lizards. I cried last night when I watched it, and again this morning (grrr). This iguana loved her family, and was loved as she deserved, by a man, as he grew from a boy and grew his own family. The whole family loved this girl! Within past posts and in our gallery you can see Goliath and Copper, wonderful souls I had in my life. This video forced me to think of their love, lives, the joy they gave, and their deaths again.





I too took a photo of Copper when I knew she had long before breathed her last breath. I am not sure why. I have never shown these photos of my life-less Copper. I’m showing you today: img_0250.jpgCopper was covered with that soft, lavendar chenille blankie you see upon her,  and was rested onto one of her teddy bears days before and during her cremation.

Copper won hearts with her own

To say our bond was strong does not convey the depth of what we had. I knew when she was awake under her blankie awaiting the morning embrace, when she was lonely, bored, hungry, you name it. I knew Her. I was hers as much as she was mine. I was leary to love another lizard because I thought it unfair to the new lizard in my life, should I only wish it to be my Copper girl again.

When I met Lil’ Murph, my heart went to him. He was a lonely baby boy. When I was begged to take him to give him a better life, and by another I was told it was time to love again, I relunctantly did so. I felt it was a bad time for the responsibilty & also that I wasn’t ready. I am so happy I brought Murph home to live with me! He is unique and wonderful, and I was proven to be wrong, it was time to love again!

Sweet and oh so funny Murph

Rest in peace and in love




All the others

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee♥