If We Love Animals, We Must Not Support The People Behind The Animal Mills

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (so states the video) captured heart-wrenching footage of neglect and torture. Watch at your own discretion. That a single innocent being experiences this at the hands of people is disgusting. How there can be not one, but many people causing such suffering is a terrible mystery as well as an eye-opener.

We’re not going to write some words and feelings this video provokes. If you can handle a single minute of viewing time, you’ll see why!



Anyone who is considering or knows someone who is considering a reptile as a pet, please don’t forget there are many forsaken lizards, turtles, snakes, and more that need true love, a home, and good human parents. They are awaiting another chance at life in rescue centers. It seems logical that the less reptiles purchased from stores will result in less animals the stores will buy, and less of these beautiful animals will be captured – many of whom will suffer before their deaths! It’s a chain reaction. However, you may inquire as to where a pet shop has received their reptiles. In rare instances, pet stores may have purchased their reptiles from an overly enthusiastic breeder, or from a local rescue facility.

Many people do not know that reptiles can be rescued and adopted just like our furry friends! It can be an easy process. Simply use a search engine to type anything like “Adopt reptiles in…  “Your state, province, county, etc.” or “How to rescue reptiles in _____”. You may have to play around with the words or be more specific, but hopefully, you will find the answers. There is a chance a local exotic animal vet knows a rescue facility he or she may refer you to. If there is difficulty in locating a shelter, or there are concerns or questions regarding the process, Lizardplanet is here to help in any way that we can in helping people find their new reptilian friends. Visit the Contact page, and we’ll work together on this.

These rescue and adoption centers need financial assistance as well, even one-time donations of monies or supplies will help. With a phone call one may discover that they could use the old aquarium you know longer need, or unopened reptile food. It is expensive for a ‘no-kill’ shelter to care for these abandoned sweethearts that often need medical attention, and every bit of kindness helps them and the animals they save.

Lizards, and all animals can bring so much joy and make us smile. I can’t believe so many humans can be so rotten! Could you imagine Lil’ Murph or your own animal friends in the situations in the video? All the reptiles are precious, with personalities and the need for love and care, just like Murph! 

Viva la lizards!!

sleeping beauty
“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee♥


  1. Just the photo was enough to turn my stomach.

    So I couldn’t imagine watching the whole video.

    There was a story on the news last night about some nutcase woman that ran a dog breeding animal farm in southern Alberta.

    The photos they showed of all the emaciated and lacerated dogs in the story turned my stomach.

    The woman was seen leaving the courtroom yesterday wearing a Ronald MacDonald clown mask over her face and a broom mop over her hair so she wouldn’t be recognized.

    She told the reporters that she loved all those dogs and she still does.

    She’s supposed to be sentenced September 30th for her crimes.


  2. It’s so awful. I can’t believe the people that work there are okay with themselves and can sleep at night knowing they cause so much suffering to all the beautiful creatures.

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  3. All of my pets that I’ve ever had since being a child on have always been from the pound or some rescue my parents did that and so do we is a family I like saving an animal makes me feel good and I’ve always been awesome pets every single one of them

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  4. That is so wonderful! Rescue and adoption is the way to go. Those breeders and captors aiding in over-population, leading to more homeless sweeties need not be financially supported by us! My 7/25 post shows a video to encourage pet store purchase alternatives… no one has watched the video & I don’t blame them. So, I am so happy you told me that about your sweeties!

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  5. […] I cannot stress this enough. In regards to the moods of lizards, more explicitly depressed lizards in pet stores and the mills that supply the pet stores, please click on our post links below to watch these videos & know what’s really going on in the world. This is not common knowledge. The Cruelty To Reptiles and If We Love Animals, We Must Not Support The People Behind The Animal Mills. […]


  6. Thank you so much. Lizards have personalities just as any creature. They have been my best friends. I’m so glad your daughter sees their beauty.


  7. […] They are all so beautiful! We hope you enjoy and help these beautiful, and such dismissed creatures with whom we share this world, whenever you can. The vast majority of people do not know what reptiles experience. They are suffering, dying, and being murdered before survivors make it into pet stores. If you choose to love & care for a reptile, there’s something you need to know: Please, please watch this video, if you can, and visit our post If We Love Animals, We Must Not Support The People Behind The Animal Mills: […]


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