The Intelligence of Lizards

I love the sun and my Mommy!

Have you ever wondered how intelligent a lizard may be? Perhaps not, but many find it interesting enough to perform studies on the subject! Just how does a Monitor Lizard know to follow the scent of it’s victim, that it will find it’s prey later weakened from the bite? How is it that 5th generation lizards kept in captivity know to fear shadows overhead when they’re outdoors for the first time, even protected by their human parents? Their small brains do not reflect what their minds truly possess!

This is an interesting bit about reptile smarts:

I’d like to add Bearded Dragons to the list of intelligent beings! Here’s another bit:

I want to say here, that our Copper wagged her tail like a dog when I, and only I, embraced her upon returning from my workday! That is recognition, excitement, joy & love… and that = a certain amount of intelligence!! Here are great videos!

Oh my… not a doggy door, but a lizard door!!! Too cute!!!!

*video 1 is:

video 2 is:

Many think lizards have no expressions due to their…  well, their inability to frown or raise a brow and so forth. The people whom spend adequate time building a relationship with their scaly companions learn that expressions shine through their eyes – like windows to their souls, their moods are visible!  Many, many lizards are very intelligent.

Lil' Murph and brother Dog

I believe Murph is wiser than his dog brother, but that is my highly believed opinion!  Many of us have heard, “You won’t learn anything if your lips are busy moving!” Although wisdom may come from the result of asking questions, we still have to hush and listen for the answer. Many of us learn by ‘the hands on’ approach, meaning we learn best by doing, which relates not to lizards entirely, though, I have had my lizards turn on or off light switches with me, with they’re cute fingers on my finger… I think they get it – that thing makes it dark or light – simple, right?). Murph is fascinated with the sun roof of my vehicle… yeah, I’ve held his fingers up with mine to open and close it. I’m not ordinary. I and those that know me have come to accept this. : )

Mommy knows I'm smart

SO, WHAT DO LIZARDS DO A LOT OF ANYWAY? Well, they listen and observe their surroundings. They have no words for anything, yet they absorb understanding. Lil’ Murph comprehends when he is being loved by his family ( as did our beloved, deceased lizards). He knows when I ask “Do you wanna go outside?” in that happy way I always say it while reaching toward him, that he is about to embark on an enjoyable activity. There’s almost a twinkle in his eye when he hears it and it’s often accompanied by him helping to lift himself so I can scoop my hand under his chest to raise him from his resting pose. I believe all the observing lizards do aids in making them as smart as they are…

…and unique!!! Why oh why does he love the bottled water?! He does this frequently when aloud to safely roam around for a bit! 🙂

Let us not forgo this that has been learned: No matter the creature, everything appreciates something soft in their life.

…and he’s out!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this and learned something neat along the way!

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee♥


  1. I think it’s sadly amazing people are not tuned in to the body language & the looks in the eyes of our magnificent lizards. It’s almost like they speak with telepathy, but to you, me, & few others, it is almost loud & becomes obvious, clear communication most of the time! I am so glad for your Iguana that you
    ‘heard his plea’!! I don’t remember his name? What is it & did he pout similarly to Murph?


  2. His name was Igor, and when he grew too big for the perch that he’d had since he was a baby, I replaced it with a bigger one. So he sat on the floor of the cage and sulked. (His cage door was always open so he could go in and out as he pleased.) When I put the little perch back, he climbed up on the new perch and draped his tail over the old one.


  3. Igor : ). Aww Lee, he knew he was too big for it, but it was a piece of his childhood, a part of him. He was whole again. I think I love him, having never met him, you help me to see him through your words.


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