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My Lizard Ate A Bee! What Lizard Parents Need To Know:

Lightning Bugs (Fireflies) will kill your scaly sweety, and never let him or her eat rhubarb! Avocados are toxic to many creatures! Lettuce has nearly no nutrition! These are just a few important things to learn of. One sunny day, Copper (seen below) ate a bee! I never took my eyes off her. Instantly, a… Continue reading My Lizard Ate A Bee! What Lizard Parents Need To Know:


Emotional Support Lizards? …Sure

My Bearded Dragons have been here for me. I provide them food and love. In return, they provide me with non-human-given love and laughs that I appreciate. Here's an example: I was against hospice as an option for my Mom, it seemed like a soft murder, or something. Then, I had to consider whether or… Continue reading Emotional Support Lizards? …Sure


Before Choosing A Lizard Friend…

Please view this post of mine:  Will Lizard Companionship Be A Joyous Happening In Your Home? It is so important to research how large a prospective pet may grow! When you see that cute little baby lizard at a reptile show or the pet store and want to rescue and love him or her, know… Continue reading Before Choosing A Lizard Friend…