My Lizard Does Not Like Strangers

Lil’ Murph is very people picky. Choosy. Particular about who he allows into his private bubble. A true family man, but in lizard form. He is fully aware if someone is holding him as a novelty or embracing him with care.

Last Thanksgiving here was filled, absolutely filled with intermittent glances at me, by Murph as he was held by at least 15 of the guests. It was standing room only in a few spots.

Extended family was silently slighted by Murph, completely unaware that Murph was communicating rather loudly to the few who know him best! Few knew the look in his eyes – the right or the left. For one of them was usually peering away from the holder. It portrayed his mental state, exclaiming, “I am only tolerating this because I am being polite!” We, the enlightened of the matter at hand, chuckled silently to one another with knowledge, but admired Murph for his pleasant demeanor.

For me, Thanksgiving is only a great excuse for family time, both close and extended, regardless of what tradition states it is for. It’s a way to get these people together – sad. It shouldn’t be so difficult to have a “Let’s Get Together Just Because We Can Day”.

Lil’ Murph is fine without such a day. He has his favorite humans & well accepted Dog brother daily or often. It’s all he needs. It is actually his preference.

There are however, people Murph does not know well, but whom possess energies he doesn’t mind being near. There is one relatively close family member he does not like – at all. One day that family member told me when I returned to the room, that Murph tried to run to the other side of the sofa (because Murph didn’t want held by the individual) so dude grabbed Murph by his tail to stop him!! Oh no no no … And with that, Murph has rights to the couch, both sides of the d&$@ thing.

This person was well informed he will never again handle Murph in such a way. He should so very much know better than handle family that way or to test my tolerance therein. I’m going to avoid a future scenario, though. Murph will never be alone with that person again. As you can see, Murph sensed that energy long before a physical display of it came to fruition, or my attention.

Half the time that Murph spots strangers approaching near the house, human or dogs, he hunkers. Since our moving to a different home, He has seen two dogs that are not his brother. They are strangers. And this is what he does:

He, how do I describe it better, than to state I think he’s imitating a rock. He won’t move. After the first stranger dog he encountered, I watched him remain still for 5 minutes. I scooped my fingers under him. Well, he simply brushed them away and flattened into the ground! After another moment I didn’t take “No” for answer, assuring him the doggy was gone.

The photos above are after the neighbor’s dog came out (stranger dog #2). Murph has been held by me around #2 dog a few times, but still Murph will not accept it. It’s 1/3 the size of Lil’ Murph’s brother Dog, but it isn’t family. This is his perky, HaPpY-to-be-outside look just 30 seconds before the encounter:


Quite a change, heh?! A neat thing I’ve noticed, is when his protective mode kicks in against the large birds around here, He does something different. It’s as if he knows that they know the shape of him, that he is food even if he is still. When he sees the birds of prey, He hides under my legs or a chair nearby.

Here, to where we moved, we’ve seen way too many large birds. There is much sky that is visible, thus, for the birds, much ground is visible. They are big & brave, I’m not taking a chance with Murph’s safety. Murph is in his harness with leash always.

I keep checking for potential threats, high & low when we are in the yard. When I’m watching Murph, his body language tells me exactly which type of threat he has spotted. I also can tell if an ant is on him and bothering him. Yes, even with scales, he can feel that. Do not ask me how.

I think those are interesting and often unexpected behaviors to be found in our beautiful lizards and our Murph. If you read it all, I am glad because I wanted to share that.

You know I’m trying to change many people’s views about lizards because lizards have feelings too. Many people think they are dumb, cold-blooded creatures. Others still treat them so horribly that it’s evil here’s a video about that, if you can handle it: “If We Love Animals…” I hope for more compassion for them. They are smart, cold-blooded creatures with very warm hearts. If given the circumstances to show it.

If you or someone you know wants to rescue a sweet lizard, but don’t know what to do next, please visit here: Everything You Need To Have A Lizard. If needed, I will try to connect you with a place to do this via the ‘Contact‘ page. Info given is never public. If you need an enclosure immediately, look here for an idea: Choosing A Home …. Nearly every reptile requires the sun’s light to survive. I encourage you to read the last half of our post here for ideas to keep your lizard healthy & happy. O:-) Hoping the very best to all our friends and the gorgeous creatures that depend on us.

A really short update on the baby raccoon:

Trying to find a wildlife rehabilitator or true love home ). Maybe it’s said we aren’t to have them, but that doesn’t mean they are correct. It’s circumstantial, see. It’s a moral issue. All my calls have led to nothing. A neighbor knows a person who knows a person who may help. But, I have questions. Also, 4 whole days later, my heart has been stolen by the Gypsy. Yes, that is it’s name!! It’s favorite thing besides love is grapes. Now it barely wants anything from the dropper. They grow so fast ; ) Murph doesn’t mind Gypsy, but is now showing signs that I’m not spreading my time wisely for wonderful him.

Borrowed a cage. It helps to know kind people. Gypsy has roaming of an entire room now & then and is getting cuddles. Details on his or her Gypsieisms will be as long as this post again. I don’t really want to give Gypsy away at all, or to an uncertain future. He or she is a lot of work, but man, so precious. Also, I gave Murph a neck rub & reminded him he is my ultra Love.

… afterwards

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renèe


  1. You make me so happy. 🙂 Love Murph and Gypsy. Looking forward to the next post. ❤ still think there should be more lizards in movies. Fast and furious, with Murph. Murph goes to Hogwarts. You know, those kinds of films.

    Liked by 1 person

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