Making A Grocery List For A Lizard

Oh yes, just as people add to their shopping lists the items such as cat litter, dog food, cedar chips for hamsters, or what have ya, reptile owners must visit the produce section for their scaly loved ones.

I’m excited to see our Bearded Dragon staple foods grow in the garden this summer! Some things that will grow were chosen just for Murph, such as squash & some of the greens! Some things, however, he may eat only sparingly.

You see, a vast variety in a Beardie’s meals offers much nutrition, but some things in excess, such as spinach, may prevent, to a greater or lesser degree, the metabolizing of vital calcium. For this reason, it’s important to research which foods are high in oxolates. Calcium powder added to their diets is necessary (& with vitamin D3 when the majority of their lighting is of artificial uva & uvb output).

You may get contradicting statements in books and online about how to care for & feed lizards. Just remember, don’t take any one source as the definitive truth, not even from me. Do the best you can, take notes, add variety.

Lizard list

Consider the page above a reference sheet. Also, it may be kept on a refrigerator with a magnet for lizard-sitters to see. Note the spot for ‘Favorites’. This is a slot suited for your lizard. They have different personalities and preferences. I’ve done research and there has still been times I’ve stood in a produce section forgetting the best options, so I just wing it based on what I knew. Before you leave to the store, peep out your little reference sheet, buy a few “Always” items each week and alternate with the others & add them to your list.

Incorporate these healthy options into your own diet as well so there is no waste. Some items can be frozen or blanched, then frozen for later usage.

If you cannot grow your own food or buy organically grown food, make sure to rinse and rub leaves and everything very well. If it is organic, give it a rinse anyway.

A reference for your lizard’s caretakers is an excellent thing to have (with cash for groceries or harvesting & storage instructions). Don’t forget the details of lighting, calcium powder, cuddle times, or whatever you can think of. Leave your contact number, and the telephone number of a backup lizardsitter (in the event Plan A has an emergency to handle), as well as the name, number & possible directions for & to your scaly baby’s veterinarian.

Keep all your lizard’s belongings together, if possible. This may include favorite blankies, perches, rocks, and a first aid kit for reptiles. If your caretaker is going to take your lizard outside, your lizard should be in a harness with a leash. Make sure the person you choose to lizardsit is going to protect your scaly child by watching for anything that could cause harm, including wild insects!! Some are very toxic, others may have chemicals in or on them.

Whether people think you’re crazy or not, you can talk to your lizard through a home device or ask to speak to them over the phone. Hell, you can even video chat. Lizards do miss those that show them love, they simply do not always show it in obvious ways.

Lil’ Murph got depressed when I visited Costa Rica. He nearly entirely stopped eating and pooping. It took days of attention from me when I returned before he cheered up.

If you or someone you know wants to rescue or already have a sweet lizard, but don’t know what to do next, please visit here: Everything You Need To Have A Lizard. If you need an enclosure immediately, look here for an idea: Choosing A Home …. Nearly every reptile requires the sun’s light to survive. I encourage you to read here for ideas to keep your lizard healthy & happy. O:-) Hoping the very best to all our friends and the gorgeous creatures that depend on us.

Love you, Lil’Murph

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renée


  1. I pet him, kiss him, & cuddle with him : ) Don’t worry, he is more clean than any furry animal. We get sun together. He chills near the sink as I wash dishes. He’s my buddy. He’s better than a lot of humans I know.

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  2. Thank you for such kind words. Many people have not had the opportunity to truly know lizards. They can be great companions. The last 3 in my life were a Green Iguana & 2 Bearded Dragons, Copper & now Murph – completely different beings with different preferences, but all very receptive & giving of love.

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