This Is Why My Phone Is Full

Lil’ Murph is too cute!

It’s because he keeps doing stuff like this!!

Can ya blame me? He’s gorgeous! Look at that face, that belly, those cute little thigh folds. And that physique … oh my goodness! And so, I get this notification every few months or so informing me that storage space is running out. Well, let me tell you, I am the victim here. The victim of intense cuteness.

Just when I think I’ve captured every expression & cute position, something adorable happens!! I can’t risk not having captured that exact thing of preciousness in the past. So … click > click > then, aim > [Giggle] > click!! Repeat.


Murph needs a butt prop to view his cuteness in his mirror.
Seriously Murph, this is part of your stability?

I have A LOT of photos, I’ve lost track, you guys. I may have a problem. I’m trying more to enjoy life as it happens instead of missing the experience by freeze-framing it. I have belief in that I will become more disciplined as time continues.

Clean my cage and my face, please.
Oh Lord! Side A …
… and side B: The dangling legs of cuteness !

… See what I’m sayin’?

I hope I receive some understanding. And maybe a little pity. It’s hard work cleaning up the phone, the computer, the usb’s, and … and, sometimes I have to delete things. Ouch !! No, this isn’t on the list of the most difficult or painful dealings of life, but it’s just a tiny battle, one that will ease up as I become less shutter happy (in that common cellphone photographer way). Meh, I don’t like that stupid smart phone next to me at all times anyway.


Update about Gypsy, the baby raccoon:

Gypsy follows me, climbs my legs to be with me & kisses me. Gypsy has made it clear I am hers or his, it screams for me. When calmer, it switches to cute bubbly sounds!! There is an amazing array of ‘bubbles’! This usually happens when in its cage.

Gypsy has escaped blocked off rooms to find me.

It’s not fair how cute and sweet this thing is. It just craves love so badly.

A Problem: I’ve tried at least 20 different foods. All Gypsy wants is grapes! Literally poops grape skins & it doesn’t even stink!!

I’ve done research, I know what I’m getting into and for how long if Gypsy stays. I couldn’t part with Gypsy around Mother’s Day, that time is already difficult for me. Family made it very nice, though. I’m awaiting (again) to hear from kind people that may give Gypsy a better life. Probably not more love, but a life of more freedom with safety.

It’s tricky keeping Gypsy away from Murph & the dog away from Gypsy while keeping each of them happy with love, care, AND time outside! Whew!

Gypsy likes Murph & wants to cuddle, but Gypsy has tiny teeth & gives love nibbles, and claws when she ‘gives biscuits’ like a cat. These two have been next to one another only a few times and this is why I don’t think they can be together even as Gypsy is a harmless baby:

If you or someone you know wants to rescue or already have a sweet lizard, but don’t know what to do next, please visit here: Everything You Need To Have A Lizard. If you need an enclosure immediately, look here for an idea: Choosing A Home …. Nearly every reptile requires the sun’s light to survive. I encourage you to read here for ideas to keep your lizard healthy & happy. O:-) Hoping the very best to all our friends and the gorgeous creatures that depend on us.

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renée


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