Hi All! Hope You Are Well

Look at his dangling legs of cuteness!
Oopthere’s those legs again.
“Just checking in.”
Don’t lose your head through all this!

Quick lick here, if you have a reptile, or feel compelled to rescue/adopt one whose current care-takers cannot or will not care for for it at this time, please visit our post: Everything You Need To Have A Lizard.

You’ll discover what you need and why. It currently has all but the fruits & veggies your friend needs. It’s my understanding pet supplies are eventually being delivered by Amazon. I hope for the sake of all pets, that remains correct. Lizardplanet receives a portion of the selling price of the items at that link. Details are noted there.

If you need some form of an enclosure immediately & do not have an aquarium, but at home you have a dog crate, patience & determination, tying wire, snips & something similar to chicken wire or window screen, please visit here: Choosing A Home ….

Seeing how I made such a contraption could possible give you a better idea using the same principals.

If you cannot provide adequate lighting immediately, get it as soon as possible & realize this, if the weather is decent, if you can keep them 100% safe, sit outside in the sun with them a few times during the day. It’s good bonding & relaxing time. If you have paracord or similar cordage & beads, make a harness & walk or stand with your lizard. Learn how:


You can open a sunny window with the screen closed & place your lizard there (where danger of children or other pets does not exist). Put pillows around for them to lay on or worse, fall onto. Place a safe catch, like tall metal cans or rods on the sides as an emergency prop in the window’s track to shield your lizard from a falling window just in case, even small windows are life-threatening. Every non-working window had a day when it stopped working correctly.

If it’s sunny but chilly, place him or her on a heating pad there (on lowest setting). he or she will get vital uva & uvb from the sun while remaining warm. See, there are many ways to find a way to help a being – even if the ways we discover in which to do so seem a bit odd.

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee


  1. Claws help a lot, but they are no fun on bare skin. Loki is a master at leisurely living.


  2. I speak on his behalf, he wants everyone HaPpY, : ) except maybe those huge birds that fly overhead here at his new home. He has a heart of gold along with that rebellious spirit. Thank you

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  3. Your photos filled me with smiles, Dawn. How adorable. Lol. And great info on how to foster or care for a lizard. Animals need help through this pandemic too. Thanks for doing your part. Have a wonderful Sunday and if you celebrate Easter, I hope yours is full of peace and joy.


  4. Aww … Thank you so much for letting me know they made you happy. I’m quite worried about all the many darlings in pet stores, in the mills that supply them, & in the facilities that save them. They must not be forsaken.
    Thank you for visiting & meeting Murph. You also have a fabulous day!

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