Pamper Someone You Love

If we know any deserving being, human or not, we shall show them love while we have time. We often think we always have tomorrow. We should not put off until then what can be done today. It’s an old saying (albeit paraphrased) that exists for a reason. Then may never be now.

If we’re busy or stressed, taking love breaks will benefit both the giver and receiver. There’s a good chance the receiver will become the giver, and so the giver becomes the receiver.

One of Lil’ Murph’s favorite things to do
A love reminder is good.
Murph is a bit happier with a heating pad.

The furnace was turned down to 67° F, so it was chilly near the floor. Murph loves his climby spot with a view when he cannot be outside.

He deserves it.

If you or someone you know is considering or has already rescued a sweet lizard friend in these strange times, but don’t know what to do next, please visit here: Everything You Need To Have A Lizard. If you need an enclosure immediately, look here for an idea: Choosing A Home …. Nearly every reptile requires the sun’s light to survive. If you do not have the special lighting yet, or the uvb bulb is older than 6-12 months, I encourage you to read the last half of our post here for ideas to keep your lizard healthy & happy. O:-) Hoping the very best to all our friends and the gorgeous creatures that depend on us.

Love, Murph & Dawn

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee


  1. That paints an admirable & adorable scene. You always do that. He quite seems introspective & extrospective. I wonder how far back is he retrospective.


  2. You are welcome ! I really agree with this, it’s the first time I’ve seen someone kissing a lizard 😁🍀🍀


  3. I’m so glad. I am thankful to you that you have told me you saw it here first, because personally, I appreciate good, unexpected things & want to supply that for others. I think ordinary is boring!

    Liked by 1 person

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