The Sky’s The Limit!

“I want out! Why does Dog get to be outside?”
… if Murphs had wings …
Lil Murph has cute arm pits.
“Are you serious right now, Murph?!”

These were taken April 8th. Murph received lots of time outdoors with his Mommy.

Okay, Murph, I get it!
We’ll go outside again!

We walked the length of the back yard. With his harness in my hand, we walk down the steps of the deck (Murph slides). Then, I follow him.

When he pauses a few minutes, I sit with him. As soon as I do, he’s on the move. So I get up to be led by him. Repeat about 10 times and my neighbors from a distance must surely think I’m nuts because they can’t see Lil’ Murph on the ground – just a confused woman holding a string and speaking to the Earth.

Murph seems to know where our yard ends. He stops and finally stays put at the end. He loves to stare across the field there.

Apparently, a couple of hours outside did not satisfy. As you can see, I tried to make him happy by placing him in the sunlight shining into the house, but adventure was calling his name. The wind cries “Murphy”.

Here is how the yard trip happens.:

Unique Lil’ Murph is the only lizard I’ve met that holds his tail as if he were part scorpion!
He’s on the move.
Beautiful Boy pauses to observe & think.
Adventure Lover
Inquisitive Murph
Where he wants to be

(The photo doesn’t capture the vastness of the field. We left when the predatory birds came to play on the wind’s currents.)

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee


  1. Awesome! Thanks for letting me know that made you happy. I just gave him an extra hug for ya. He’s like liquid lizard, he fell asleep on me before I began reading kind comments. : )
    So, yeah, we just moved here in September … there’s barely been leaves on the trees & shrubs to hinder their view of what they must think is the crazy newcomer over yonder.


  2. Thank you so much, Christopher. I try. He’s a character, and all boy! In the house, his tail raised high, he sort of struts with a stomp, & quickly – until he meets the non-carpeted floors! His hands & feet slip & slide, so he goes nowhere fast, then his tail lowers like he needs an anchor!


  3. Thank you so very much, Vincent.
    Murph is the star here, with all that natural gorgeousness & a personality 10 times his physical size, you’ll know him & hopefully love him too!

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  4. 😃in your photos, I saw his charisma and bravery.

    And I saw his love for his environment and you😃

    He has a truly fantastic personality. 😃am glad he found a fantastic and nice person to look after him. And that person is you ✨✨


  5. Maybe some lines of communication failed. Although there are lizards and other reptiles (such as the Monitor lizard, Crocodile, Tuatara, & tortoise) that can live 50 – 150+ years, lizards typically never live longer than humans. Murph is aged about 4 years. My previous Bearded Dragon lived around 8 years, of which, I had 7 1/2 wonderful years with her. The oldest known Bearded Dragon was nearly 19 years old. I wish I had my lizards with me my entire lifetime : )

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  6. Off & on. I had 3 Salamanders as a small girl. was given a beautiful Green Iguana when I was 20 years old. I had Copper, my Bearded Dragon 2006 – 2014. I have had our Murph (the gorgeous guy you see in most photos) since April of 2017. I am wondering, your name looks very pretty, can you help me to pronounce it? Is it spoken in English as Eye-shay?

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  7. Turkish language is not like English language , it is read as it is written. In Turkish language , the letter a gives the sound ‘a’, the second letter y gives the sound ‘ye’, the letter ş gives the sound ‘e’ not ‘i’ . It is not like english language , finally the letter e gives the sound ‘e’ . So when combined, Ayşe. Turkish and English letters and alphabets are the same, but the conversion of letters from writing to sound is very different .

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