“Mom Says We’re Moving, What is Vastu & Why Is It So Messed Up In Here?”

If you could see Lil’ Murph eyeballing the mountains of boxes, you’d agree he is thinking, in his way,  “What uh, what’s going on? This is all about to affect me & our lives here isn’t it?”

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What you see here are boxes, clutter that’s making me crazy, and 2 exhausted darlings. Amidst the chaos, is a lizard covered with a tank top while resting his chin on his beloved 1960’s-ish chair, an oblivious dog is tired from being lazy all day (except for the walk he, Murph & I had), and I after a busy day, am brushing up on a decorating/designing book, because, well, why not? Yep, that’s life, currently.


“No, Mommy does not make a habit of burning a candle around me. She’s only momentarily being ridiculous. I might be concerned in what she’s reading because she already has a seeming addiction to accent lighting & decorating. See?’


“Mommy was a professional painter for many years & thought her wall paper stripping days were done. Our new home will be better, but needs a lot of interior, aesthetic changes. I’m tired from just thinking about watching her work.”

“Mommy is outside with me as much as possible before she gets busy again.”
“Brother Dog has no clue.”

We will painfully miss very special Squirrels, Starlings, the little Hoppities, as I call them, small birds that only hop, a particular Robin & George, the spider that is a long-time resident at the back door’s corner, following him are the newer neighbors: Penthouse George & 1st floor George.

These animals know me. They know my car, they know my voice, & they know we’re friends. It is painful to leave them. I want to leave a note for the new residents about whom likes what to eat & how they will know they’re  being serenaded to come outdoors with food.

Also, there are a few trees and plants very dear to me. One tree near the house has neat, visible roots. It seems magical.

Our new home has lovely plants around it. Another thing, it has high quality windows with a transferred  warranty, but there’s a problem. They’re too high from the floor. Murph’s enclosure, even upon it’s stand, will not reach the sun and breeze. There is a lovely glass-sliding door that will fix this temporarily until a wall portion gets knocked out and rebuilt with a proper window for my Murph. We will miss much about what has been home for so long. I hope we will all be happy where we’re going. I wish our trees, some people and our critter friends could go too.


“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee♥




I’m Not In The Mood…

“I’m not in the mood for love.”

Huh… I’m thinking i don’t like this.

“Head up with this look in my cute little eye means I’m thinking I’m going to get out of this situation of cuddledom!”


“Head down in this pose means I’m plotting my escape.”



“What’s that Mommy, you say you want to move me?”

“How about a game of wills!”

“I win!”


“I’m not in the mood to leave the outside here.”

“Mommy, I love you, I’m heading the opposite direction of you now!”


“I’m not in the mood…

…for the brother Dog thing.”

“If I close my eyes, will he go away?”

Is he still there?


“I’m not in the mood to – as you say, “wakey uppy”.


“I’m not in the mood to do this “go to beddy-bye” concept you have!


“Okay…  maybe I am… only a little bit.”


“Give me lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee♥

“I Don’t Speak Dog.”

20190129_100828.jpgLil’ Murph reveals his opinion about his brother-type coinhabitant…


190101_113723_4“WHAT is this thing?!!”


20180722_152453.jpg“Hmmm… so we both get liberty… with restrictions. This is not ideal. Mommy said she will protect me & Dog from the bad people and dangerous animals outside. Okay Mom, don’t I have a better chance at safety if I am untethered?! Won’t you reconsider this arrangement?”


20190129_085854“When we approach our back yard after walks, Dog-thing picks up the pace to go do this! What a dweeb! I recognize my yard too, and begin heading the other direction. Any direction but homeward will do. Mommy is pulled in two different directions. I need more adventure!!!”


20190102_015453                                       “What the…? And why does it sleep so much?”


resized952019010695074856-e1549977231888.jpg“Apparently, Mommy doesn’t like fur everywhere. What is this fur you gripe of, Mom? Dog, you know you’re not on your designated sheet. I do not approve of your contact with our blanket.”


“Now this creature I can relate to!!!”




20190114_202528.jpg“So, Dog is alright. We tolerate one another. I with my smoothie on my lippies, he with his stare, Mommy and I know It will begin the heavy breathing ritual if she does not pet him or serve him somehow within seconds. He should be called Panic, but I accept It as a brother-thing.”   “….Dog, you’re not on your designated sheet!”




“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee♥