Stop And Smell The … Crocuses?

Stop to smell the flowers, Lil’ Murph.

Lil’ Murph will not be silenced (haha)!
Focus on the flowers, Murph. Maybe we can eat them.
Murph is lookin’ good with purple
“Hey Mom, I am not a poser. You keep placing me at all these flowers when my personal plans are yonder.”
He’s getting an attitude. He’s pouting & is like liquid lizard.
“Be certain to stay out of my sun, dog.”

I don’t know if you can distinguish this position from a typical ‘at ease’ position, however, Murph has turned his back to the sun, tilted it, then flattened his body to expose more of his skin’s surface to absorb these precious, life-giving rays from the sun. I call it “Pancaking” because when Beardies do this they resemble cute, spiky pancakes with appendages, but that’s my opinion. So, how does he know what needs to be done? How are domesticated lizards, generations removed from good, wild living, so in-tuned? They know their natural predators still, & know how to soak up that uvb & uva. Animals are so neat in so many ways.

I know Murph’s harness is not masculine. It was a gift to him for his safety, these were the beads lying around that the cordage fit through. He’s my cool, little lizard dude, he doesn’t care about the beads.

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee


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