What’s The Story For Pet Suppliers?

As I look at Lil’ Murph, I wonder…

Does anyone know if the lives of the animals in the pet stores and in their suppliers’ horrible warehouses will be entirely forsaken while this & worse, it’s ramifications are taking place?
Will shop owners or someone responsible for animals such as these also get those d&$@ little permissory papers to travel to tend to them during this b.s. (& do they care about these beings enough to do what it takes)? Others in certain fields of service such as those working with food, health, communications, etc. are receiving various permissions to access particular liberties. If anyone knows the established “obey or else rules” regarding the care of animals in businesses & facilities, please share what you know.
Thank you so much.

Yes, we just had a post about smelling the flowers…

Well frustration peaks a 180° turn now & then, doesn’t it?!
Another thing that bites my HaPpY bubble: Am I the only one that cares about neglected plants in stores? I’m not a softy, but when it comes to the innocent, I get pissy about neglect. Maybe they are a lesser life form, but hey, a life is a life & we need those things. The more I learn of plants during my life, the more fascinating they become.

To employees: I know hard work, I can nearly guarantee I’ve worked more exhaustingly, both physically & mentally (& often simultaneously) in fields than a store chain demands of most of it’s valuable staff. You have it in you to take 10 minutes of your paid time there to give the oxygen givers & pretty air purifiers a d&$@ drink. I’d do it after I clocked out if it came down to it. Once a week, for years, I watered 15-ish plants at a laundromat that belongs to a friend because I knew no one else was doing it – for free – & went out of my way to do it.
I’m not trying to earn nice girl points, I just want people to give a d&$@ about the world … and also see this economic destruction is going to be worse than the virus itself the more governments clamp down on people & their freedoms – right down to banning fishing if families are starving in one state & even going on a walk in another (thanks over there Illinois authoritarian ruler chic) … but anyway, baby steps, right? After we’ve done all we can (self-reliantly) for all our families’ well-being, we need not permit animals to slowly die in buildings. I don’t know what their fates are or what to do about it if it’s going to be more awful than it is already for those lizards, bunnies, turtles, kittens, fish & more.

By the way, forcing businesses to close means a lot, but also it means a lack of manufacturing=lack of farming equipment= eventual no tending to fields, especially when ppl are scared to assemble for any project, can’t even have seasonal workers=lack of food for humans and cattle= …

I’m just saying, I think getting food for our animals will be as tricky as it will be for us.
That’s just one itsy bitsy piece of the pie being baked.

I (& others) are staying away from the elderly for now, we’ve been told people can be contagious & not know, as with other ills. I won’t detail the pain that is for me, to not see certain loved ones. Playing the safe side on that one for a spell. I know many healthy people who would rather get sick & probably recover than be unemployed and scared sick about the future! I bet you know some too.

When people can’t choose how they will take care of their families, like catch a fish, pluck some berries while walking, & buy 2 loaves of bread to feed their children for a week, that’s a problem. We need to work, it’s not like every person’s eyeballs are singed in their sockets when coming into contact with this thing. It isn’t Ebola, either. I hear it’s bad, but what’s happening because of it, may be irreversible.

I hope the best for so many. Murph is a sunbeam of joy in my life, and hopefully in yours. I don’t want to add to this angst. I share with you that I’m deeply concerned about accessing all Murph’s needs regarding his diet and lighting in the future. I’m hoping all our darlings can get what they need from the humans they rely on. Sweet Murph is sleeping & can’t always keep his mommy quiet.

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee


  1. Seemingly so & I hope not. Most do not know of the siege of Leningrad. An informative read may be a book from the survivor, Daniil Granin. Many would propose what happened there to be an impossibility today. Quite often, “History repeats itself.” is a phrase that exists for a reason.


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