A Campfire & Good Company

Yesterday evening we were getting back to basics, learning the old ways. We started a fire with no fluid or lighter & enjoyed a roaring fire, the birds serenaded, there’s a lot of sky to see here. We had dinner of rice, veggies & spices cooked in an iron skillet on glowing, hot wood we pulled from under the fire.

We added more wood as the fire needed & stoked it a lot, trying to keep that tee-pee shape. This is a useful shape & for more than American Indians abodes from many years ago. (In some circles, they are called feather Indians – no disrespect, but highest regards, for their respect for Earth, animals, & knowledge, ‘Feather’ is in regards to the head dresses many wore, especially chiefs & that beautifully, their hairs were decorated with feathers. Leave it up to governments to declare a land belongs to a few, not to all, so we have stories of The Trail Of Tears, and of Indian warriors & entire tribes that refused to conform). The blood of a certain tribe, flows through my veins as it does within a many # of Americans, also flowing for me, is a Nordic, Irish & more mixture of traits within my geneology. I suppose this mixture prevents me from tanning quickly from the sun’s rays. Guess I’m Paleface : )

See that smoke? Wet wood, an asset used in old-time smoke signals for communication.

The fire was awesome, soul-cleansing almost, but Murph checked out early in the game. He didn’t spend much time fire-side. I wanted to share the neat heat with him, but I didn’t want his cute little lungs full of ash or smoke, even though the chairs were moved a couple times opposite the wind, as the wind direction changed a few times. I tucked him into bed after around 15 minutes after enjoying the pretty fire with him.

Below are cool pieces of wood I want to share, nails in wood can do cool things in a pretty fire:

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee


  1. Thanks so much. He watched the fire for a few minutes : ) I think he was still awake for the remaining 10 or so that I had him out, but just couldn’t keep his eyes open. It was past his bedtime.

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