A Lizard And Two Eagles

Murph and I just saw two Eagles and they mated!! Aww little Eaglets!

The southwest sky was already strange. I saw a rainbow corona around the sun, clouds that resembled a square…

And then, to the northeast …

dig it
I tried to take a photo through the binoculars. The other Eagle flew away.

But moments before it did, this happened:

I hope you all can see detail well enough. Murph & I are out in the sun as I type. It’s difficult to see my screen, so I hope all that is here is distinguishable. We’re about to leave for a walk. Have a beautiful day all.

Time for a walk to the field

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee


  1. I didn’t shield his angel eyes :’ – (
    He was however, preoccupied noticing the turkey vultures that were soaring over head. Not to worry, he was in his harness and partially on my shoulder.


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