They Grow So Quickly!

There are a lot of rabbits (or probably hares, actually) around here, where we moved to in 2019. It’s always a treat to see them. They are very calm and curious here, unlike the cute city rabbits I have encountered. The rabbits in the cities where I have lived seem more skittish. Understandably so, there are more cars and people to stress them.

The rabbits here watch us (obviously, we watch them, as well).They are curious and observant. They let us get so close to them and they will munch on grass, clovers, or something for a very long time, even within 6 ft. or so from us!

Murph & Bunny

In the back yard, maybe 2 ft. from the driveway, a mother bunny made a good den for her babies. She chose a spot that had a sprawling ground cover of a plant that was not all grass. This allowed for the entrance to be undetectable. We knew of it because the neighbors’s harmless, tiny dog smelled them. Of course, I showed Murph the cute babies. See him seeing them here: “Murph Meets Baby Bunnies”. Within a few days of posting that, the den was empty, and the neighbors and I hoped the babies were safe.

I’ve been typing the word rabbits, but, I think they are hares (maybe rabbit sounds cuter, more fitting). There are differences between the two. One difference being that baby rabbits are born blind & furless, hares are not. A rabbit will not mate with a hare in their natural habitat, I read that & thought it interesting. As tiny as the babies were, with open eyes and fur, I assume they were born that way, and thus, think they are actually hares.

Within a week or so, I saw a baby against the garage door all alone. Good, we know of atleast one survivor so far. I believe they all survived, though I haven’t seen more than one of that size at the same time. I wanted to hold the precious thing, give it companionship, and keep it safe. It had doubled in size! It allowed me to be only a few inches from it.

Maybe that is the one at the entrance of the den that I broke down and petted. You can see which one that is in the post I linked you to above. I tried not to touch the babies. I tried. I was disciplined for many days. I checked on them every day. But, I couldn’t take it anymore! The precious fuzzy wuzzy cuteness was too much! I took a photo of that baby by the door, but I must have saved it to a usb and cleared it from my phone because I can’t find it to show you.

So, Lil’ Murph and I were sitting on the front porch, and here is one of the babies. I wish the photo was better.

Yeah, I know the lawn needs edged. I could work every day in the yard, but I can’t and I won’t.

One of the babies got this large after only a month of having left the den!

I appreciate the bunnies and all animals of the world. I especially admire sloths, octopuses, fish & elephants (& now raccoons because we have Gypsy. I didn’t know they were so cute, funny & smart). Still though, my deep love for lizards is unshakeable. I have felt an attachment to them since I was a little girl. Some people feel drawn to dogs, dolphins, cats, and so on. Some of those people help the animals that seem to be their favorites.

Our Lil’ Murph and Copper and my other lizards are an inspiration for me to show people how sweet, smart, funny, and beautiful lizards are. Too many people see them as creepy, think of them as pests, or disregard the possibility they could be loving, sentient beings. You can see how some people regard lizards and others here.: If We Love Animals, We Must Not Support The People Behind The Animal Mills *caution: what you will see there may break your heart.

I’ve wondered when they day comes that we no longer have Lil’ Murph, could I still keep this website going? Could I find the inspiration to post things without the joy of taking new photos of Murph to share with you? I hope I could, because others should care about lizards too, and need to know tips and tricks for providing good homes for them. I know many of you will miss Murph too.

Murph and I have gotten such kind comments from people, such as “I am less frightened of lizards now.” to people thanking us for showing them who lizards are as creatures and animal friends. Sincere words as these show me that we are doing something good and meaningful. It may be in baby steps, or one person at a time developing an appreciation for a creature they previously didn’t like or consider because of seeing how charming Murph is, : ) as well as reading neat facts about different lizards. I hope this all helps lizards somewhere.

Please visit our homepage @ and tap that menu icon for tips on caring for lizards. Visit the contact page if you need advice regarding lizard care, or need assistance with adopting a homeless lizard to love (names & e-mails are never shared). We humbly accept Paypal donations to help us pay for our site, or sharing us on social media may help us too. And of course, you can bounce around in the archives for more Murph!

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renée


  1. Those look like hares but I’ve always called hares “bunny rabbits”.

    There was one who lived in the back yard of my dad’s house for years.

    And there are a couple who currently hang out quite a bit on the front lawn of the house where I currently live.

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  2. “Bunny rabbits” just feels right… or bunny wabbits feels fitting too. Your Dad (a lone rabbit), had a lone rabbit. Isn’t it strange to experience the different vibes that bunnies from different areas have? I am glad you have bunny rabbits in your front lawn. They are so sweet.

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  3. As you know, you helped me view lizards in a different way. Thank you for that! I also enjoyed the story about the bunnies/hares!


  4. Thank you. I don’t know that it’s me, Krish. They’re so sweet or funny or just themselves….They make me do it. They make me love them. They’re ‘forcing my hand’ and they force it to feed them, and pet them, and clean up after them… : )


  5. Oh, thank you. Thank you. You know… I was just the source of your forced exposure to them!! 🙂 🙂 It was they who won you over – eventually!

    I remember the day I set Copper in your lap to retrieve a package at the door. I was in a rush. I was absent-minded of your anti-reptile comfort zone. When I returned to our sitting area, YOU WERE FROZEN. HANDS IN THE AIR. STARING INTO YOUR LAP AT THAT THING SOMEONE CRUELLY PLACED BEFORE YOU!! Hahaha. I am almost sorry about that. 🙂 I also recall, much time later, the moment Copper made your heart grow 3 sizes that day. Love and hugs


  6. It’s a beautiful thing to see you baby talking to Murph, saving spiders with the ‘bug cup’, sharing lizard photos and the like. My, how things have changed! You’re so special to us.


  7. I love people who care and love animals. This is such a beautiful article about all your beloved ones.

    Some years ago we let the dog off the leash in the grasslands. He ran off far away, didn’t come back. We ran after him… almost got him when he suddenly discovered a bunny baby between a pile of woods. He snapped the baby and our heart fell! Our dog a bunny killer! He ran off again with the baby in his mouth, far away and we after him again. It felt like ages but finally we got him, he still had the baby in his mouth. I took it from him, thought it was bitten to death.
    But it was alive! no harm, nothing, just wet from my dogs spit. With its big eyes it looked at me. I was so grateful. I put it back between the pile of woods… hoping the mummy would come back to it.


  8. Thank you so much. As I read this comment, I was living it vicariously with you, to my relief (& yours) this ended well. Whew!
    Oh, these dogs… hard to imagine how angels can murder angels. I have to keep Gypsy from the dumbest & sweetest dog in the world because he attempted to kill her twice! I knew that look somehow, ran to him, and stopped him as he lept at her. I am so grateful you told me this. I hope that big-eyed baby was found by Momma Bunny. I am not surprised you also love them so. 🙂

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