Murph Meets Baby Bunnies!

What are these creatures?
Too cute
Murph meets baby bunnies

Their mommy made a good home for them. She softened the den with fur from her body. The den was made known to protect them from the lawnmower.

Cute, cute, cute …. want to pat and kiss them all! Murph was interested in the bunnies for a fleeting moment. He saw. He thought. He concluded they were different creatures and not a threat. And he quickly moved on to other lizard thoughts and observations.

I think there are 4 little heads and bunny butts in there. Then den is larger than the hole makes it appear to be. Of course, the me that I am, I laid a few carrots and a tiny container of water around for the mommy or the babies. I’m not sure who enjoyed them, but the carrots were gone & the water was drank.

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!”


  1. They are ridiculously adorable. Every time we checked on them, it seems there was one facing forward at the entrance. It’s as if he or she took on the role of being the family guardian.


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