This Very Minute With A Best Friend, My Lizard


My dear friend, Murph, my Bearded Dragon, is sitting with me on the front porch. We are watching lightning bugs. They are my most favorite insect. They are magical, strange,whimsical.

Moments later, we hear thunder, softly. A soft breeze, it smells wonderful. It too is magical, powerful, yet subtle.

I spot the sunset. I show Murph, but he is not interested. He wants to cuddle and sleep now.

So, I sit with him on the small covered front porch. I am getting rained on as I type. It’s …. well… it was soft and healing. Now, it’s potent. It’s a downpour …. going in. It’s a thunderstorm now.

What a change in only 15 minutes


  1. Rain replenishes Earth and heals the soul. But, it was too cold to stay apart of, and Murph prefers the atmosphere more peaceful. Bestest wishes


  2. Thank you. Quite the journey in life has somehow, ultimately, put Murph and myself here. Being from cities, it’s a grateful experience to see Bald Eagles, deer, birds I’ve not previously heard, and the amazing lightning bug show! That road becomes busy sometimes. When people in cars see eagles in the field, they scoot off the road as much as is possible to stop to take in their majesty. I saw Bald eagles mating directly across the driveway about 20 meters from where I stood! There’s a photo in one of our posts.
    Sweet, love be to you, all your days.

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  3. Wow! that sounds lovely. I’ve never seen Bald Eagles. I would do the same if I see one. Stopping the car, where ever I am.
    Have a beautiful week Dawn. 🙂


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