He’s In His Happy Place!

Lil’ Murph loves his stuffed animals and sequenced heart!

His happiest place of all is outside on warm days with Mother Earth and me, but sometimes he finds joy in his cage with his things.

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renée


Gypsy is rewiring the electrical work. She’s a genius!

Yeah, that’s a light bulb socket in her mouth. Don’t worry, it’s not hot (the power has been cut off from those wires). She apparently has plans for the ceiling of her top shelf abode!!

She gets to play throughout the home often, but has her own room (or rather, her own den). She has a staircase built just for her so she enjoys 3 shelves of a built-in bookcase. The 3rd and top level, left of her, is where her blankies and bed is located. She chose that spot. When her blankets are being washed, she has an attitude problem and won’t lay in that corner until they are returned!

She must be kept away from Murph for his safety, and away from Murph’s dog brother for her safety, so it is a juggling act for me to keep all animals happy, as well as give them safe time for freedom and enjoyment. They must take turns separately roaming the home.


  1. Thank you. It is exhausting at times, with having many, so many other responsibilities to tackle daily, but very worth it because the souls, the neat personalities of Gypsy and our oh-so-special Murph are 2 blessings in life!


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