Lizards Smell Like Moonlight And Summer Breezes!

Don’t believe me? If you love them, hold them, and spend time outside with them as you embrace them. They will reward you with a delightful natural aroma all evening long. They absorb nature and you can enjoy it after you come inside!

climbing off the shoulder, down the back, and plotting the next move

Most lizards (diurnal) will be sleepy in the evening. This is yet another ideal time to cuddle and kiss them. Yes, I said “kiss them”!! Lizards have gotten kisses in my home for 12+ years! I can’t speak for all the kissing family members, but I inhale each time I smooch just to breathe them, to inhale their essence. I do not care who thinks this is weird. Smell your cat when you kiss them goodnight, that’s fine too.

If you like lizards enough to have one, they will love your love, cuddles & kisses!! And you will too!!

Here is some amount of proof for you regarding the impression a loving lizard can make onto loving souls. This is a conversation my son and I had tonight.:

Okay, so he didn’t say much (& my not-so-smartphone misspelled ‘hear’) , but what he did state is important here. His comment is in white. It’s short, but heartfelt, I assure you. He meant it simply and sincerely. He isn’t sarcastic & doesn’t BS with me.

Yeah, I’m a girl who misses her children, so I had a few more words to say than he. He has one of the most dangerous jobs in America (if not the most dangerous), as declared by OSHA, yet loves his little lizard brother, Murph, very much, and so loved his lizard sister, Copper. He has not forgotten them.

If something terrible happens to me, he will drive hours and hours to love and care for Murph! You’d be amazed at what all he does at work, the mental & physical strength required to do what he does & the many lives for which he is responsible… and still, that loving spot lives forever in his heart for his reptilian family!!

Murph’s other human brother, although not as close to him or to his sister, Copper (due to a distance separation) also has such a huge heart, he too would care for Murph, despite any inconvenience to his schedule and circumstances. He has never been able to walk past an animal without greeting it. He too deeply appreciates nature and all creatures. I am blessed or lucky or both to have such beautiful souls in my life, human and not.

You see, lizards are beautiful.

Lizards are sweet & silent friends.

Lizards are family.

They can make a special impact on humans, as many small things can.

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renée

*You can help spread the love by sharing us & others on social media. Let’s stop the abuse, neglect, and disregard of these beautiful creatures. Together, we can show people how special lizards are and what valued family members they should be.


  1. I admire your love for lizards. Though I never have one, therefore I dont know how it feels. But Im so sure, it is an amazing experience and whole new appreciation for nature, for love, for friendship, for all living beings.


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