The Eyes Have It

If you have assumed lizards have no expressions, due to their inability to… well, make facial expressions, you will see they do show their moods, desires and loves, as well as their dislikes.

But, these are seen within their eyes, overall body language, and vibes. Yes, all creatures transmit and receive vibes, even sweet lizards.

See for yourselves….

Go ahead, please zoom in on that. That little eye says, “I am happy with Mommy, life, and my window perch.”

Can anyone guess what mood LIL’ MURPH is in here?

Let’s zoom in together…

That cute eye says, “Why exactly am I stuck in my cage? I have an opinion about this.”
“Why are you picking me up? I am going to be patient with you, I haven’t sensed if you are taking me in the house.”
Child of wonder
“I love my bro… don’t nobody move me!!”
“No Sir, I don’t like it.”
“I love my mom.”

We hope you enjoyed seeing some of the many “expressions” our LIL’ MURPH shows. The next time you see a lizard outside, or in a tiny cage in the pet store, you may be able to clearly see how that lizard is feeling, if you never did before.

Please visit our homepage @ and tap that menu option for tips on caring for lizards. Visit the contact page if you need advice regarding lizard care, or need assistance with adopting a homeless lizard to love (names & e-mails are never shared). We humbly accept Paypal donations to help us pay for our site. And of course, bounce around in the archives for more Murph!

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renée


  1. Beautiful pictures Dawn.Murph does knows how to pose.
    Yes all animals have a ways of expressing their emotions.
    Stay blessed always


  2. Thank you, Krish! One may think he knows how to pose, but, he is no poser. : ) Our boy is a natural. Indeed, animals do have emotions and they can be interpreted. I believe I have even met insects with attitudes. Likewise, friend.


  3. He is really good at showing expressions.

    “Can anyone guess what mood LIL’ MURPH is in here?”

    – I guess he’s thinking- “Today I don’t feel like doing anything, I just wanna lay in my bed”

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love that photo because he is flatter than a fritter, like a spikey pancake. He is looking so way back at me, that all possible, visible white of his eye is apparent! The boy refused to move his head! : )

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I’m sending You link to my gallery… there is a polish lizard 😀 I wonder if You like it 😀


  6. Wow! You are correct, the guy’s only got one expression. I didn’t realize it before now. Good call!
    Murph has no desire to work on his ‘poker face’ anytime soon… or ever.


  7. Thank you, so very much Anne. Every single time someone tells me (& Murph) that he has charmed another soul, let’s me know spreading the love for lizards, & showing the love they develop for their humans, is well worth the effort.


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