Lizards Are Beautiful

Pink moon and Murph

G’night all.

Please visit our homepage @ and tap the menu for tips on caring for lizards, see a way to help us, request lizard adoption assistance via the ‘contact‘ page, and of course, more Murph!

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn RenΓ©e


  1. Thank you, he sure is. I’m no awesome photographer like some kind commenters. Armed with the typical cell phone camera, Murph’s natural handsomeness lends itself to redeeming photos as a whole of their otherwise critical flaws.

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  2. Okay, thank you. Obviously, I am unfamiar with names in other beautiful countries. Names can be tricky. There are men here named Shannon, Kelly, & others commonly given to women. Then, as an example, there are women named Christina, that address themselves as Chris for short, which is usually short for the male name Christopher, a common American name – same as Christoph or Kristoff in other countries. Oh these languages!


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