**Busted** The Monday Murph Mirth VI

My little guy fell asleep on the pillow, so, I cover him…    because…

it makes him feel cozy…

and then the blankie molds to his little shape.  I sigh from cuteness.

Some time passes. I peek over there. Lil’ Murph has flopped his arm out and down.

“Oh look at that?!” I say to myself as I spotted his palm.

I gingerly peel aside the covering to reveal the entirety of this tiny arm.

“Careful. Careful, don’t want to disturb the slumber.”           Success!!

“Who’s got cute elbows!?!”  I activate the flash. I aim. I click.  I look away.

“Oh boy! oh boy!”    I’m smiling as I tap the icon in the corner to view the masterpiece the lens has captured!!

Gazing back at me in the photo is a tiny, disturbed eye.



I look away from the photo.    I look at him.

Yep, that eye looks just like the one in the photo….



“You’re awake!”

“I’m sorry.”

Re-cover. Tuck. Pat. Pat. “I love you.”


“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee♥