“Have I Mentioned How Much I Love My Orange Pillow?!”

20180128_Murph smiling“Pillow Life”


20180316_204921.jpg“I often scoot my pillow thusly, for this is one of my favorite positions.”

20171014_194518“My blinds are down, why?”

20171015_151222“Luxury with a view!”

20180127_185011“Bed – check, Mommy person – check, blankie – check, pillow – check! Yep, I’m good here!””


2018-01-13_09-54-01“I’ll come with you Mom, but the pillow’s coming too!”




“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!”  – Dawn Renee ♥


  1. Thanks 4 seeing his preciousness with me 😉 Technically, the gaping mouth helps lizards to regulate their temperature, but Murph has done it even when he’s cool, so that’s stupifying. But yeah, still it’s observable his mood is happy! Just maybe it’s a smile after all


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