Get Up.

It’s difficult for an opinionated person to stick with a particular subject matter. What you’re about to read does still involve lizards – – in the way that people are losing their damn minds …

Is everyone okay out there?

I hope reptile parents will protect their darlings & remember to spend quality time together. There was & may very well be again, a food shortage and/or trouble of another sort, so it would be pleasing to know others are growing food that reptiles can eat & learning how to store it. Whether we’re in an eye of a storm, or not, it doesn’t hurt to save $ in the long run & have your own garden.

This may be the last time anyone will know my stance on things. The absurdity is too much! This may anger people. I certainly hope not because truly, we just want much happiness for our friends & supporters and every single person of good character in every beautiful country. If anything below offends anyone, I hope they can toughen their skin a little more, get over it, stop reading if they must & still have a good day.

Here goes the rant, if you read on. People should protest to force changes. I don’t however, believe people should damage the well-being of innocent lives. I think things have gotten stupid. People have the right to protest about a man’s life that was robbed him. The other officers should have stopped him whether their jobs were at risk for doing so or not.

However, it seems like it’s not even about him or a problem with authority anymore. Things are getting destroyed that don’t even make sense now. So, who are people mad at really? What’s the deepest issue, is it hated for a country, corporations? Many of these people would not do better financially in a country other than the one they’re in, spreading hate and drama.

A blogging friend (youll be seeing the gravatar below, way better a first responder supporter than myself) was inspiring when he mentioned the motto of the American police, “To protect and to serve”. That should be so, and many cops do. I’ve seen them pull over to help someone broken down on the side of the road, but there are ‘bad apples’ to be found everywhere.

I personally know a situation when someone fled the police, got caught, was detained on the ground, and another cop came around the corner, saw the perpetrator was already in custody, AND STILL came at him like he was going to beat his a** !! An observant someone quickly chimed in and said, “Hey, man you got him, you got him!”

Good for the cuffed man on the grass, that statement was enough to diffuse the officer’s adrenaline that was still coursing through his veins from the chase!! By the way, the perpetrator on the ground & all officers at the scene at the time were white. Yeah, it was about to be a white on white injustice.
What I’m getting at is how do we know the piece of sh** officer that killed Mr. Floyd was racist? He may have done that to any man, especially if they disrespected his authority.

The problem may just, or also be, that too many cops, many individuals that are ‘in charge’ of others’ actions & situations, begin to ‘power trip’. Individuals within governments do this as well. They become corrupt & believe they will not suffer consequences for committing despicable deeds.

That same motto of the police should be the federal, state, & local governments’ objective as well. Nothing more. Things/affairs may be too global, resulting in oil & trade wars & more.

People around the world can & should still be friends without the types of interconnectedness that complicates matters & makes for ugly future scenarios, wars for example. There is nothing wrong with every country keeping some sovereignty, buying first, what they can that’s made in their own countries, etc. & making sure their country, people, & economics are okay.

It’s okay to make sure you and your family are okay before knowing you are capable (& happy) to help others. After all, you can’t save someone from drowning when your own ship is sinking, right?!

The blueprint (the design & intent) for America is a good and fair one. No, it doesn’t have a continuously noble history, which country does? It’s a Republic (not a democracy) that has been molested into fascism. I am not the only person to make this claim, we could be incorrect, of course. There is hope, if we f**k’n stand up. It’s not too late.

That these governments have decided which businesses will fail & which will not would have the forefathers restless in their graves. I believe what most people truly despise is CORPORATISM, NOT CAPITALISM, but many people do not know the difference!

“… that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom[8]—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth …” Those words were spoken by Abraham Lincoln. “Honest Abe” was against slavery. Why are his statues being destroyed? See what I mean? Either there’s a bigger picture here, mobs are uneducated and/or misdirected, or it’s just something else now.

Are we all “The Walking Dead” ?

…And just like that, the masses will allow the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution to be put down for the sake of “security” and watch their fellow citizens destroy figures of the history they share together, as a society, a new family.

Riots, protests? Oh okay, people can assemble in large groups for the sake of appeasing them (possibly so mayors & governors can ensure their re-election), but when our family members die, we have to choose only 10 people to attend a funeral, I’d bet politicians don’t abide by that.

*No, I am not the one who defaced the above monetary note. It was left at my home.

There was not to be a ‘ruling class’. The individuals working in government should make money to survive, okay, but they should live with the results of the laws they pass, not be untouchable. They, as well as officers are public servants, also with the same ability for the pursuit of happiness as was to be possible for every man, woman & child (& whatever) .

A breakup of the riots occur when they’re at the mansions’ doorsteps of elected city leaders. I don’t care if they have mansions, I just don’t want them purchased from unfair taxes or corruption. When they don’t stop the destruction elsewhere, our taxes pay for the repairs, am I correct?

The news stated the Abraham Lincoln statues are under attack. Why Is that? He thought slavery was very wrong!! Read about that here, or anywhere you’d like. Sadly, slavery is in every country’s history – that I know of, and it involved all races. The pyramids were built by slaves, weren’t they? Does that mean they should be torn down? I certainly hope they remain standing. They have a deeper meaning & purpose for their design.

You see, a president cannot make all the decisions for a land. A president is not the only player in that arena. The presidents that acted against their puppeteers in the past have been killed or shot at. Mr. Lincoln was shot in the head, reportedly by some random guy.

I hope angry mobs stop damaging everything. Vandalizing the Conferderate Soldiers Monument does nothing for their proposed cause. If someone sees a relatively common “Hillbilly” truck rolling down the road with a giant Confederate flag on one side of the truck bed and a Giant American flag on the other, it’s often assumed he or she is racist, that is pre-judging & may not be the point of why they have chosen to make that display on their vehicle. Some see that old battle flag as something different than others.

Also, ye ol’ “Don’t Tread On Me” flag (the yellow one with the coiled snake) is, by the way, NOT a racist flag at all! Assumption can be prejudice. Racist and prejudice aren’t exactly the same.

We prejudge all the time, in a sense, like profiling. That isn’t all bad because sometimes that’s a survival instinct. For example, we may tread more carefully not to anger a 6 foot, 2 inch biker (on a motorcycle), than a bicyclist (the ones with the helmets & colorful clothing) of the same size. Why? Profiling, we can assume big Mr. Biker guy could be a really nice guy, but would quickly be our worst enemy for a beat down’s length of time. Just an example, but you get what I’m saying.

What began as an assumed (possibly correct) racial problem with some police officers, has been molested into an all out “Let’s damage everything” party time!

A nation, a family, a foundation divided will fall. The enemy here is not each other, it’s the parties responsible for the attacks on our freedoms.

What are the possibilities, is it possible that Mr. Trump is not a career politician, or puppet, he made possible the lowest unemployment rate in history and some people made a huge, huge, economic crash, resulting in a damage to the value of our dollar to lessen his chances of re-election? Maybe he doesn’t play by the other’s or deepstate’s rulebook? Maybe people high up want Biden to win, so they can pull his strings. Have you heard this guy speak? I don’t want a man who’s often incapable of completing a sensible sentence to deal with global issues. Maybe it all sounds crazy, but governments have done some crazy sh**! I am not saying that’s the case, but nothing is impossible.

What if it’s all a test of oppression? What can they take from people? Maybe it helps to insert and hype up with media some distractions like a damn near civil war to keep the new world order formation or some crap on the down-low. Keep the masses distracted and busy. Ya know, slip it in there and grow it slowly like a parasite.

Maybe “obey” objectives are being implemented nearly everywhere as a conditioning approach for something yet to come.

All I’m saying is, could there be more to this crap? Is it out of the realm of possibilities? Many thought toilet paper would always be available around the corner at the store. Many think food is always available. Can you count on that?

Maybe the world’s running out of fuel, travel is a bit less thanks to a virus. Think they’ll tell us we are running out? Nah. It would cause mass panic.

Bear with me here, if the virus was so bad, could we all shop together as we do? Wouldn’t production of masks for small children be a priority? Would news anchors and politicians remove their masks when the cameras are turned off? Some restaurants even require you to wear a mask for 20 seconds until you’re seated to eat …. c’mon, really?

If we can smell a fart through under-clothes and pants, do people really think those bandanas and loose-fitting masks are going to stop anything? Maybe it stops your snot from splattering if you sneeze. 6 feet for distancing, are we joking? Wind blows … I’m just saying.

I know I’m bouncing back and forth, maybe all the nutsness going on out there is making my head spin.

There is a serious lack of focus here. WHO ARE THESE RIOTERS’ ENEMIES, REALLY? I understand – mad at cops, okay, attack the stations, not the neighborhood stores where we need to shop later, don’t burn the block down where people who are not their enemies need to raise their children!! WHAT ARE THEY DOING AND WHY??!!

Also, do they want to burn a bridge they can’t rebuild, too? Think about that for a minute. What if one of their sweet grandfathers doesn’t own a gun, his wife died, he’s alone, 3 men just entered his home to rob him of his few valuables, like his wife’s old jewelry that is sentimental to him. How is dear ol’ grandad going to get help before or after the fact? He miraculously gets to a phone. He’s calling 911, hoping help will get there in time. OH WAIT … THERE ARE NO COPS. HELP IS NOT COMING.

The greedy men went there to steal, but grandpa is a tough old man. He won’t let them take what he worked hard for. He fights back. So one d**khead all hopped up on adrenaline shoots grandpa twice. And to top it all off, he could have survived, but he lay helpless on the floor for an hour until he died!

Don’t we all wish the cops could have at least captured the horrible people that did this?? Nah, they will not be held accountable & they will do it again! Unfortunately, human kind is not at a point where it can be without things like governments and police. The rioters will need police too.

Peaceful people that are protesting have a focused goal. People of all races are joining as one voice because they want other people to be held accountable for their actions.

Why on this Earth would rioters want to cause damage & hurt others. They maybe haven’t thought it through that the governments might raise their taxes and ours to fix the stuff they’re f***n’ up? Our money is already becoming less valuable because of all the big, deadly bug crap. We’re going to need all the money we have to do what we need while we can. Many have lost jobs, health, life, & car insurance, and can’t afford the basic necessities either.

We let the governments doom our pursuit of happiness and blindly followed.

make music together, not more bullsh**

Another thing, if I were in a vicious crowd, getting my vehicle pounded on by an unfocused bunch needing excitement, I’d think I might get pulled out of my car & beaten. No cops are available to help me now, right!!? So, I’m going to protect myself by any means necessary! I understand why some rioters are getting ran over. The rioters might do the same if they were in the same situation, perhaps with their grandma in the car.

People now have to move, dismantle or rename monuments. This crap is stupid & is a waste of people’s time & money.

Oh yeah, then there’s threats from a few rioters of ‘taking it to the suburbs & rural areas’! Um, what? Exactly what are their goals? Did they forget why they started this sh** or did they get bored?

Ever consider the idea that the media hypes everyone up? It’s quite a distraction isn’t it, to keep people enthralled with hatred and destruction? It keeps attention away from other developments.

And this crap about taking the Indian off Land O’ Lakes butter and every other stupid notion like this … hey, it’s a good logo. Leave Aunt Jemima brand stuff alone too. Well, how about we take all faces off every damn product in the world. Will that make people happy? No, they’ll find something else to b**ch about.

My ancestry is from Wales, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, and to my knowledge, as with many Americans, native Indian.

I don’t want money or apologies for what happened to my Indian ancestors. It’s horrible what happened, but nobody today is guilty of that unfair treatment. If my German great-ancestors had anything to do with the horrible treatment of kind Jewish people, I am saddened by it.

I would never want to treat good human beings that way. Therefore, I owe nothing, no apologies, I didn’t commit a horrible deed against them, I’d offer a hand in friendship, and be a very good friend.

I hope all our countries histories and monuments are left alone so that people may learn of them and people can honor who or which event they wish. If I don’t like something someone is writing, doing or saying, I limit my exposure. They are (should be) free to choose as I.

I’m going to end this with a few pieces. In the U.S., if we wave our flag, let us remember what it is to really mean. Teach children the meaning of the fireworks, as well as why they aren’t even usually made in America.

America is designed to be this and more:

Let us ponder this: The quarantine of healthy people = mass house arrest, forced shut-downs of many businesses. Then, there’s eminent domain, the National Defense Authorization Act, which has crap in there that shouldn’t be. Let us not forget why we were taken off the gold standard & that gold was made illegal to own. What if they do it again. They’re already pushing us to a cashless society. What if we don’t want that. I don’t want to be tracked like that. What if a banking system fails or internet is out. I want options.

Can we stop them? Yes, but not if we continue to let them chip away at our freedoms & remain occupied fighting each other. “Land of the free, home of the brave” please.

“… give me liberty or give me death!” – Patrick Henry

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renée


  1. That’s what I thought too “Who knows if that officer was a racist?”

    But I don’t see myself qualified to share my opinion publicly. (Plus I’m not an American).

    Rioters destroying monuments, robbing, burning down vehicles and public property is the most stupidest thing. It has happened in my country as well.

    I think that the reason behind this rage is the lockdown. People were too frustrated to be at home 24×7 and then they got this opportunity let it out.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am bothered by the defaced monetary note left at your home.

    Was it left in your mailbox or something?

    Having studied the history of the French Revolution and Russian Revolution, what is happening in America is, I believe, a Neo-Bolshevik Revolution with neo-Jacobin style mobs attacking and tearing things down paving the way for absolute chaos to be replaced by absolute tyranny.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for supporting that possibility here. I am not qualified either, but disgusted at what I’m seeing.

    I wish this crap were not happening anywhere. Yes, some people seem to thrive on any reason to burst at the seams.


  4. You have put your heart out here Renee…seeing a different you…
    Yes..lives matter..there is no place for hatred..loot..inequality in any society…punish the one who is guilty…do not label all with one tag..
    We got to grow above caste..creed..colour..race..just be humans.
    Protesting is a right …looting is not ..
    God bless you 🙏

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Good for you. I would like to see all those stupid politicians who are encouraging and enabling criminal activity and mob violence to get voted out of office. Not that people have enough sense to vote in anyone better, but just voting the current lot of pandering low lives out of office would be good. The protesters are protesting over being considered criminals, I think, which I would assume they are trying to say they are not criminals; but then they go out and destroy private and public property, attack, injure and kill people, loot and steal, and show everyone just what great criminals they are. I suppose the real reason is to try and normalize their criminality, which the pandering politicians and popular press seem happy and willing to do.

    Our downtown is still boarded up from the riots. We’ve had our office downtown for 44 years now. Downtown has really deteriorated over the last several years. We are finally moving out of downtown.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. It was left on the table by someone. I have not had the opportunity, nor the sorrow, to educate myself on those specifics, but that sounds about correct. I so hope the people, a large percentage of the population, who are asleep at the wheel will wake up and fight this so tyranny cannot win.


  7. Thank you so much, Krish. I suppose I am a little bit angry, yet a little bit hopeful. Maybe one far away day everyone will be happy to live together and have no complaints about it.


  8. We’re still looking for new space. It’s a prefect ime as a lot of companies are vacating spaces, and landlords are willing to negoatiate great terms.

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  9. The anger against a wrong is justified…it has to be used sensibly ..
    Yes.. hopefully one fine day all will be well..
    Regards Renee


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