20170511_095700[1]      The purpose for what I do here is to help our little lizard friends. If I can assist in saving at least one lizard’s life with the sharing of knowledge & helpful web sites or simply inspire another to give a lizard it’s best life possible, it is time well spent. I appreciate creatures most girls don’t, all the creepy crawlies, if you will. I’ve had a special place in my heart for lizards since I was small(er). I had salamanders as a wee girl, a green iguana and am the jolly mommy of my 2nd bearded dragon. I do not claim to have all the answers nor am I necessarily care-taking perfectly. I labor with love to the best of my ability with that which I have acquired.

     Lizards are intelligent. They acknowledge love and are quite capable of reciprocity. Too often creatures such as these are neglected, never plucked from their imprisonment to experience sunshine, love, or liberty & have nothing soft to curl up to. That’s a sad life for any being.

      Animals are unlike humans, they have no ill-intent. Any undesired action is of a wild disposition (possibly excluding mis-treated animals that impose justice upon their abusers / indicative of a sense of reasoning?). For many reasons animals deserve our appreciation. They thrive with love and we need them. How dull would this planet be without them? There are many caring for furry friends. Lizards are great friends as well. 

     I am sharing a piece of my life with you because lizards have given me as much or more love than other animals, and in some cases, humans. Lizards make me smile. I hope my lizards make you smile with me!


“Give me lizardry or give me Death!”        

-Dawn Renee