So happy together
We want to help our little lizard friends at Lizardplanet.com. If we can assist in saving at least one lizard’s life or simply inspire another to give a lizard it’s best life possible, it is time well spent.
Copper and rose
Lizards are intelligent. They acknowledge love and are quite capable of reciprocity. All too often, creatures such as these are abused, tortured, or neglected.
Many domesticated reptiles are rarely plucked from their imprisonment to experience love, liberty, or the sun & have nothing soft to curl up to. That’s a sad life for any being.
Lil’ Murph
I am sharing pieces of my life with you throughout the ‘Archives’ because lizards have given me much, in some cases more love than others! Lizards make me smile and I hope they will make you smile with me! Please visit our ‘Recent Posts’ section to see how they can do that!
Juvenile Lil’ Murph
We do not claim to have all the answers at Lizardplanet. Care-taking for anyone cannot always be accomplished perfectly. We can all, however, labor with love to the best of our abilities.

If you think a lizard’s, or any reptile’s companionship is right for you, please consider rescuing one that needs a loving friend. If advice is needed as to where to do this, we’d love to help you!


If you have care-taking concerns, we will tell you what we know or we will do the research together to obtain the answers you seek. We are happy to help via our ‘Contact’ page located on Lizardplanet.com

We hope you ‘Follow’ us & visit often! Maybe you can help get the word out about how awesome these creatures are & how people mistreat them, but also how people love & adore them! You can share us on social media too! On behalf of Lizardplanet.com & lizards everywhere, deepest thanks for your support!
“Give me lizardry or give me Death!”
♥Dawn Renee