20170618_110257It happens!  …..And it doesn’t. When it just so happens that it doesn’t happen for your lizard I know of a fix. Only a couple times has it not worked immediately and my companion did a poo the following day.

If your pal is puffy in the middle and you know there has been no bowel movemet for a few days he or she may have a poo problem. 

I don’t remember the kind soul who posted stated “fix” online years ago or where I found it. I wish i could thank that individual because his/her advice has saved lives.

It is extremely important that lizards don’t get constipated, also known as/which can lead to a condition called impaction. A helpful site among many others for this problem is:


If other options have not worked we’ll go:

Back to the fix:

1) Using your inner wrist as a temperature guage as well as considering the current feel of your lizard’s skin so as to not shock him/her (whom already may not feel well), adjust water temperature. Plug the tub or use a  container large enough for plenty of space to swim. Let it fill to the level where you think toes cannot touch the bottom because at this point we need to make sure they swim (they already know how).

2) Have bath towel ready for the after-swim pampering and cuddle time♥

3)Retrieve pitiful baby from current location and slowly descend into tub or basin. Speaking seems helpful to calm them or assure them you are not deserting them to a wet demise. When your lizard is let loose he or she may quickly turn 180° to scratch at the wall for ascention to reconnect with the safety of your embrace. This is difficult to witness!! Be strong!!

You may raise him/her up a few times within a few inches of the surface and place down again. This reminds them your hand is near and also keeps them swimming, for they can at some point, get an attitude or shut down. Whatever it is, the characteristics of this are: they inflate like a puffer fish (puffer lizard); they look annoyed yet adorable; they float and lean to one side. Keep them moving.

4) Once poo has transpired rinse relieved (and pooped) pal from their toil-some labor and rinse clean with running water of the same temperature as the now poo-tainted abyss.

5)Wrap lizard in towel and baby talk to her or him about the accomplishment. It may be a good time to relax together.

6)After #5 place lizard where he or she will like to be, perhaps in the basking spot within their enclosure. Drain swimming water or dump basin in the toilet. Sanitize that which contained poo. I use a ratio of about 30% bleach to 70% water, but use whatever works. Rubbing alcohol may do it if you have no bleach. A little on a rag goes a long way. Rinse.

***Never leave your lizard unattended!!! This only takes a few minutes and it tires them. We do not want them swimming to exhaustion and drowning! Every 20 seconds or so, scoop your hand under his/her chest and let them rest on your hand. Do this until breathing calms. This reminds them your hand and safety is near (if the experience seems too stressful take a nice cuddle break). If this does not work within a few minutes take your lizard out of the water, remind her/him you love them and call the vet.

If compaction is an on-going issue. Please see to it clean water is always available in a dish even if it isn’t drank for it raises humidity in the enclosure. Make sure your lizard gets enough water. You can do this simply by supplying a variety of food. A small amount of water  poured into the food dish can help. You can also keep clean water in a misting bottle at room temperature to mist your lizard’s food and skin. Change the water every few days (you may use distilled water). Please see the kindly supplied information from others online about how substrates & diet can cause compaction, as well as the link above. It is important to research correct lighting and enclosure temperatures as well to ensure they metabolize properly the nutrients they are given as well as overall health.

Later I will share the system I use in lieu of substrate….you may laugh at me.

There will probably be a time you will need to take your lizard to the vet. As such it is wise to have money for this (I keep a small container with a lid incase I need to collect a fecal sample for the vet). If you’re on a budget, set aside a tiny amount of money each pay period and stash into what can be ‘The lizard booty’ so the funds are available to care for your dependent friend if/when the time arises.

So, this is where I’ll sprinkle in the fact that my lizards travel to the vet and elsewhere with one of their blankies and stuffed animals! It’s all good. I am no ordinary lizard owner, I’ve come to accept this…and my lizards appear to not want it any other way.20171019_212849

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